HOLLYWOOD—Wow, Alison (Sasha Pieterse) is one hell of an actress. Spencer (Troian Bellisario), Hanna (Ashley Benson), Emily (Shay Mitchell) and Aria (Lucy Hale) attempted to convince their BFF to tell the truth to the police, but she chose to fabricate a massive lie.

The ladies were stunned to see Mr. DiLaurentis come to Alison’s rescue, wondering where in the world her mother is. Spencer was stunned to learn from her mother that Melissa (Torrey DeVitto) is back in town and is harboring secrets. Hanna was torn about her emotions with Alison’s survival, just as Ashley (Laura Leighton) attempted to get her daughter to let her guard down.

It seems like all the liars are keeping Ali’s secret, which means more lies are sure to ripple across their lives. From a distance, Spencer and Emily spotted Jason (Drew Van Acker) cleaning his vehicle, just as Alison let the ladies know that their nightmare is not over as she received a threatening text.

The mean girl was consumed with emotions upon being home, just as her father attempted to keep a close eye on his daughter. Aria was consumed with guilt over her decision to kill Shana (Aerial Miranda), just as Hanna informed her that “A” may still be after them. As Ali slept, Jason secretly watched over her. Hanna overheard a conversation between Ashley and Mr. DiLaurentis where he asked for her to snoop around on information about his wife’s whereabouts. Jason was not pleased to discover that his mother ordered for a dog to be adopted by the family; wondering if he has something to hide, just as Alison seemed to take a liking to the animal. Looks like Ali plans to use the dog as a form of protection.

Ali began to speculate that perhaps Jason was the suspect who knocked her in the head with a rock, which led the ladies to speculate that things are far worse than they expected. Mrs. Marin was torn about snooping in emails, which allowed Hanna the opportunity to do some digging on her own. Toby (Keegan Allen) revealed that Melissa never saw him in London; he met Wren (Julian Morris).

Aria’s marbles were scrambled over the possibility that “A” could be aware that she murdered Shana. Emily did her best to reason with her friend about understanding the emotions that she is exhibiting, while Hanna may have come across an email she wished she hadn’t indicating that Mrs. D was indeed protecting someone, who is the main question.

Jason exchanged words with his father about the whereabouts of his mother, just as Emily stumbled upon the conversation.  Aria was not pleased to see Mona (Janel Parrish) canoodling with her brother. It appears Mona might be up to her old tricks. Aria was a bit disturbed by the threats that Mona made. Jason made threats to Hanna about minding her own business. The ladies ventured to a beat down apartment complex, and were frightened by an old homeless hick.

Alison was paying tribute to the girl in her grave, when Mona decided to confront her nemesis. Mona admitted that she sent that threat to Alison; she doesn’t have to hide anymore. Evil Mona was back in full force, “You’re going to wish you stayed dead,” quipped Mona to Alison.

Aria was freaked out about the possibility that Mona knows their secret. Heck, the ladies are unraveling in more ways than I can expect. Spencer decided to pay Mr. DiLaurentis a visit and discovered Jason waiting to confront her. The liars were drawn to the backyard by Ali’s dog, who discovered Mrs. DiLaurentis’ body. Ali’s world was just turned upside down once again, but is she happy to see the woman who nearly killed her to be dead?

Next week, we’ll see the ladies attempt to piece together who was responsible for killing Ali’s mom. By the look on Jason’s face, I would say he’s definitely off the list of suspects. Until next week “PLL” fanatics!