STUDIO CITY—On Thursday, September 10, the Los Angeles Police Department issued an arrest warrant for Emmy-award winning producer Andre Bauth.

On Tuesday, September 8, right before 3 a.m., police were summoned to the 3100 block of Lauren Canyon Boulevard, which is the home of producer Andre Bauth and his tenant Clayton Haymes, 23. According to police reports, Bauth, Haymes and a group of friends had gone out for some drinks. Upon returning to the residence, an altercation occurred between Bauth and Haymes.

The altercation manifested, according to Haymes, when Bauth had mentioned that he was going to win five Oscars and the group of friends laughed at him. According to the victim, Bauth did not take this ridicule well and proceeded to chase Haymes through the room with a knife, which is when Bauth stabbed Haymes in the chest, hitting one of his lungs in the process.

After the altercation, Bauth reportedly fled the scene. Haymes was transported to a local hospital where he is recovering from his injury. Bauth and Haymes met each other on the set of the film, “El Landlord,” which Bauth produced and Haymes starred in.

Bauth, whose real name is Andre Salaman Bautista, 36, is a producer best known for his work on the soap opera “The Bay.” The show won Bauth his one and only Emmy and is set in Bay City, a fictional city that is located in the outer Los Angeles area. The series follows a woman named Sara Garrett, a socialite, and those who surround her. The show debuted in 2010.

Bauth is wanted for suspicion of attempted murder. Authorities are asking anyone with more information on this case to contact the Los Angeles Police Department’s North Hollywood Division at (818) 623-4016.