HOLLYWOOD—It seems like ions since we last talked about the hit OWN series “Queen Sugar.” The series is like a fine wine that just gets better and better with time. I think the strongest focal point is the series is NOT afraid to tackle real world issues involving politics, racism, sexism, family turmoil, illness and so much more. The fourth season kicked off with an epic bang with the episode, ‘Pleasure is Black.’

Nova Bordelone was in the spotlight for the release of her new memoir where she dropped some major family secrets and drama that not everyone was happy with. She was a nervous mess and rightfully so because her family has NO IDEA what their loved one has written about them and their family. Charley is indeed taking her relationship with Romero to new heights.

I totally forgot that Hollywood and Violet tied the knot last season; I mean those vows were powerful as hell people. Things are going good for these two, I mean Violet has purchased a building to sell her infamous pies, and she owns it. The cuffs have finally been taken off Ralph Angel who successfully completed his parole and unleashed an epic scream to celebrate staying out of trouble. Vi celebrated the grand opening of her new business, which had everyone talking.

Charley seemed to be taken aback to learn that Francis Landry has her hand in places that she never expected. The friction between Ralph Angel and Darla is thick, but he was more cordial than his aunt. Hollywood was the first to poke at the secrecy of Nova’s book, and it appears Nova is about to see a firestorm headed in her direction. Romero was concerned about Micah returning home for summer vacation, and was concerned about how to address their relationship with their son. Looks like Ralph Angel is also looking for love, just as Nova made a preemptive move to alert her family, at least Charley of the impending mayhem in her book before the rest of the world learns about it. She later dropped off a copy of her book to Aunt Vi, and Ralph Angel, ugh this is about to turn ugly America and not in the best of ways.

Charley was literally thrown off, when she was questioned by a reporter about some deep dark secrets that her sister disclosed in her book. She was speechless; and as a result she drowned a bottle of wine as she started to read her sister’s memoir. Ralph Angel was alerted by Charley that Nova’s book contains deep secrets about him that he shouldn’t read before she speaks to him. The more Ralph Angel read the book, the angrier he got, especially after discovering that Nova disclosed the truth about Blu’s parentage to the world. Nova begged her father and the rest of the world to understand her plight.

Based on the teaser, all I can say is that this fourth season of “Queen Sugar” looks like it will be one of the best yet and Nova will be at the center of that mayhem. Rather her family recovers from the exposure of their secrets is something that I question. “Queen Sugar” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on OWN.