HOLLYWOOD—Social media personality Raymundo Diaz, 33, also known as “Ray Diaz,” was arrested on Saturday, July 13 around 5 a.m. for sexual assault charges by detectives from the Los Angeles Police Department Robbery-Homicide Division.

Diaz, who according to the LAPD resides in Hollywood – was accused of sexual assault allegations on July 5, when the mother of his 17-year-old ex-girlfriend, Angelica Salek, posted recordings that showed the girl being verbally and physically abused by Diaz in a car. In one clip, Diaz is heard yelling “kill yourself” to Salek. Authorities have not confirmed the video’s authenticity.

“The LAPD is aware of several social media posts related to a social media personality, alleging physical abuse and sexual relations with a minor. We take these allegations seriously. Currently, the Department has directed a group of investigators to look into these allegations,” tweeted the LAPD HQ on Friday.

After a thorough investigation of the case, authorities proceeded to arrest the social media personality in San Diego with the assistance of the San Diego Police Department on Saturday. His bail was set at $500,000 and he is scheduled to appear in court on August 7.

Upon the Diaz’s arrest, the underage ex-girlfriend tweeted:

“My emotions get so tied between “I’m doing the right thing” and “was this really the right move?” Although after seeing his arrest photos, I felt one emotion for sure: free.”

He was released from police custody on Saturday, but Salek shared a distressing video on Instagram saying she was scared to go home and indicated it was “unfair” he had been released on just $50,000 bond.

Salek shared her reaction to Diaz’s release on Twitter stating “I have never been so scared in my life… Ray Diaz is out of jail.”

On Monday, July 15, she addressed her Instagram followers saying Ray did not make her feel like their age difference was an issue and that their relationship was “okay.”

“I went through emotional extremes because he’d go from telling me that he loved me and that he was going to marry me. Then he’d make me feel that I needed him to live, that he was the only person that could ever love me the way he did,” Salek wrote.

Salek states she did not know any better back then, but she wants everyone to know that “his type of love…wasn’t love.”

“We thank the public for their outpouring of concern regarding this case. We are better when we share the responsibility of making sure every member of our community is safe,” tweeted LAPD Chief Michael Moore. Diaz is know for his role on Hulu’s “East Los High.”

Diaz has denied his relationship with Salek and the alleged accusations in an exclusive interview with the celebrity website The Hollywood Fix.

Written By Olivia Gonzalez-Britt and Tameara Lewis