UNITED STATES—As I stated before: to me, REALITY is non-fiction and this is no different. Crime documentaries are something I ADORE, but typically reality crime not fiction crime. I will choose to watch  “The First 48” or “Forensic File” over “CSI” or “Criminal Minds,” every time.

During a 9-week long bed rest in 2001 (and before we had ON DEMAND) I came across Forensic Files. I was fighting agoraphobia and taking part in something called compulsive re-exposure without knowing there was a TERM for what I was doing, (something in common with veterans watching war movies).

It made it very easy to get addicted to the show, quickly. I just thought I was smart, attempting to profile true criminals via the TV, and learn what the victims did wrong, thereby learn mistakes I could avoid making. Arming myself in this “rape culture.”

Forensic Files featured a storyteller with a mesmerizing voice and others usually feel the same way, even if they don’t know his name. He deserves it too! Peter Thomas is a decorated (voluntary) soldier that has been on the radio and voiced hundreds of commercials. To me though, he IS Forensic Files!

The First 48 is my number 2 favorite true crime show and narrator: Dion Graham. He’s already known too, not only for voice-overs but  a TV star as well: The Wire and Law and Order as well as many guest appearances listed on IMDB.

I think its the way “The First 48” presents facts without a visible narrator that I like the best, unlike other popular ‘based on true story’ shows with hosts or hostesses.

There are lots of true crime junkies like me who love all the ’48’ shows, so they have iconic status already…


There’s a new kid on the block in the true crime-junkie world, but really not so new at all. Identification Discovery channel was labeled under other Discovery names but didn’t seem to click until now. It used to be the channel my box was on 24-7, until technology caught up and now the cable boxes turn off automatically.


The schedule can be seen on the TV guide channel with NO paid programming listed so if you see any, blame your local provider. Perfect for late night.

While browsing to see if there was anything new, I found a series called Evil Lives Here, just premiered on Sunday, January 17). Repeats are on demand, if you have that channel.

The series premiere featured the story of mass shooter Robert Hawkins, Westroads Mall killer, who left a suicide letter explaining his actions. New York Times has an excellent cover of the case, as does Fox News.

I tried to find more about this case because there is something we are not being told, the original source of contention between the killer and his stepmother. Babies are like puppies: typically pretty good until someone makes them bad.

The released documents and records show so many problems, curiously much more between the two of them. I would never point that finger assuredly, though, because also common would be youth that take out anger on a substitute person, so we will never know what fueled everything from a toddler being medicated, to him refusing to come home until the stepmother moved out.

There are a couple of other shows I will recommend from this channel. I am VERY FUSSY on shows with hosts, but I DO love Dr. G Medical Examiner and one of the shows on ID reminds me of a psychological Dr G: The Mind of a Murder with DR. Michelle Ward.

Stolen Voices: Buried Secrets has the unseen narrator, and eerily uses an autobiographical format to tell the story from the victims’ perspective.

Vanity Fair Confidential is another narrated show that “reinvents the mystery format,” and also usually involves some type of scandal you have heard about like Dozier School in Florida, or celebrity people such as Phil Spector, or Madalyn O’Hair.

There are so many that I like, and none of them are the type you have to watch consistently to keep up with a storyline! CLICK HERE to go take a look for yourself!!