HOLLYWOOD—I have been waiting for this revelation since the premiere of the FOX series “Scream Queens” back in September. Well horror fans, the wait is over. In the two-hour season finale, the mastermind behind the mast was revealed to be none other than HESTER! Must say it was slightly surprising, but not an epic stunner that left me saying I was hoodwinked.

The series gave audiences a double-treat with the episodes “Dorkus” and “The Final Girl (s).” The first half was far-more thrilling in my opinion. Pete explained his backstory to Grace about the night that the security guard was killed, while revealing he knew Boone was the killer weeks ago. Along the way, Pete joined Boone in the madness. A flashback scene showcased Pete murdering Roger, just as Grace grabbed a knife to defend herself. In a shocking moment, Pete revealed that he was responsible for Boone’s murder, and he shot Chanel with a crossbow. Ok, slightly lost here, because that means Gigi had no idea that Pete was behind the mask.

Pete’s desire to take down Chanel was a result of her humiliating him in the past. Grace cut ties with Pete, but she was drawn back to him because he knows the identity of the other killer, who happens to be Boone’s twin sister. To unlock the mystery he collected DNA samples from the KKT sisters Hester, Chanel, Chanel #3 and Chanel #5, just as Pete planned to reveal the identity of the killer, the Red Devil emerged from the closet and fatally stabbed Pete and attacked Grace knocking her out cold.

Chanel wrote an overly long letter dismissing her KKT sisters for abandoning her, and found herself making national news courtesy of the Red Devil Killer who made it their mission to publicly shame her in a way that she never imagined. How sweet revenge truly is? When Zayday discovered that Chanel was attempting to commit suicide she tried to talk some sense into her KKT sister, at that moment the Red Devil Killer burst into the room and the ladies nabbed a random guy. Hester revealed she saw a cloaked woman who was referencing the term ‘dork,’ covered in scars and carrying a shovel?

The sisters soon discovered the faux killer was strapped with dynamite and that the mastermind ensured he didn’t talk by dispatching of him. The Chanel crew totally scrapped the plan to discover the killer and decided an apology tour was the best way to improve the reputation of the Queen Bee. Grace was at a loss for words when she discovered the Red Devil killer let her live.

Dean Munsch found herself surprised to see Wes doing his best to serenade her, in a scene that was beyond hilarious. His distraction allowed Zayday and Grace to gather evidence. Chanel paid a visit to Melanie Dorkus, while Hester snooped in Chanel’s closet. Chanel #5 decided to leave safety for a Tinder booty call.

Cathy shed a bit of backstory on Wes’ past, but he was taken aback when Cathy acknowledged that she wanted Grace out of the picture. Melanie unleashed a bit of anger on Chanel, and Chanel decided to attack Melanie while the whole scene was being recording by Chanel #3, just as Grace and Zayday burst into the home to rescue Melanie, and reveal that Hester is the killer!

Grace, Zayday, Chanel, and Chanel #3 arrived upstairs to catch Chanel #5 in the bathroom and found Hester’s body, but she wasn’t dead, she pointed the finger at Chanel #5! Not so fast, because an epic TWIST came the way.

The second episode kicked off with Zayday, Grace and Dean Munsch kicking off a new sorority rush for January 2016. How ironic that it takes place less than a few weeks from actual real life. Hester is very much alive, but missing an eye. A voiceover revealed that she set-up the entire situation. Gigi became the mastermind, thanks to her desire to get revenge on those responsible for her sister’s death, while teaching Hester and Boone the art of murder.

Grace (Skyler Samuels) did battle with the Red Devil killer on "Scream Queens."  Photo courtesy of Patti Perret/FOX.
Grace (Skyler Samuels) did battle with the Red Devil killer on “Scream Queens.”
Photo courtesy of Patti Perret/FOX.

The entire flashback sequence behind the chaos revealed that Boone and Hester were responsible for Melanie’s torturous spray tan. Dean Munsch allowed Hester aboard, even though she was aware all her credentials were rigged. Looks like Hester spared those sisters because they were nice to her. The audience got to see Hester enact her crazed plan and pointing the finger at Chanel #5, who screamed her innocence, even though her sisters were skeptical.

Hester’s plan turned the Chanels against each other, just as Denise Hemphill returned the KKT to announce Boone was dead. Sorry Denise, we knew that like two episodes ago. Grace and Zayday were still keen that Hester was the killer, and she did her best to convince the other sisters otherwise. Grace continued to dig into Hester’s shady past and she hired a fake family.

Pointing the finger at Chanel #5 became ludicrous, and downright unbelievable. The finger was then pointed at Chanel #3, who found herself needing to unload on the toilet at the KKT residence. Finally, the question we’ve wanted to know for weeks is just why Chanel #3 wears earmuffs. Oh, my God, this second half of the episode is beyond anything that makes logical sense, the writing just is so goofy it’s hard to take serious. Hester was not done with her masterplan; she pointed the finger at Chanel.

Chanel was not backing down, and through some harsh accusations at Hester about her accusations. Chanel, Chanel #3 and Chanel #5 made a run for it, but found themselves captured. A flash-forward to May 2016 revealed that Chad and Denise’s romance was short-lived. Chad remained the face of the Dickie Scholar fraternity, while Cathy became a famous author.

Cathy admitted she was well aware that Hester was the mastermind of the chaos; she recalled seeing the face of that little girl in the bathtub. Looks like Hester and Cathy were about to go toe-to-toe, but who would win in the end? For such a tense moment, to end with a breathe of hilarity was hard not to chuckle at.

The Chanel clan pleaded their case in the courtroom, where they were found guilty, and admitted to Palmer Asylum for the mentally insane. Hmm, why do I have a feeling this will set the stage for the second season of the series if it’s picked up. The notion of the series becoming a satire on pop culture and where certain generations stand in the public arena was a misdirection in my opinion.

Chanel revealed to Chanel #5 that they loved being locked away with her sisters, but of course a surprise would be thrown the viewer’s way when it was revealed that the Red Devil killer was still amongst us or perhaps Chanel had literally gone psycho? I guess we’ll have to wait until season two of “Scream Queens” to learn the truth.