HOLLYWOOD—The CW introduced another character to their show, “Reign” this week that left audiences unsure how to feel. Princess Claude returned to French court and immediately began causing trouble. Between bedroom liasons with anyone and everyone, Princess Claude was quick to latch back onto Bash, Francis’s bastard brother. When Claude snubs Bash’s wife, Kenna, repeatedly as she tries to befriend the wily princess, Bash drags her off to have a talk. There, the two argued about their long-ago affair when Claude supposedly duped Bash into thinking that her father wasn’t really his father too.

If that wasn’t enough drama for one episode, Queen Catherine is being visited and threatened by two little ghost girls who haunt the castle corridors. Catherine believes they are two of her daughters that died during infancy, and the girls threaten Claude’s life, causing Catherine to send Claude away from French court again. For now, Bash seems to be safe, but somehow, we think Claude’s going to weasel her way back into court, despite Catherine’s attempts.

Lord Narcisse is making waves again after having tricked Francis into admitting that he did indeed kill his father. Now, Narcisse is using that leverage to coerce Francis to pass laws he does not feel are ethical. Specifically, the law where everyone must come before the king and announce whether they are Catholic or Protestant.

This means that Greer’s new husband might be in danger, which is fine for some viewers, because as much as he has done for Greer and her sisters, we really want to see her with the handsome Laith. Maybe she will have her chance at happiness again.

Lastly, Francis and Mary are having trouble again. Between not being able to conceive and the pressure of Narcisse’s laws, Francis snaps and tells Mary to leave France and return to Scotland. Viewers know that he is stressed about Narcisse and his new relationship with Lola, but Mary thinks he is only upset because she cannot get pregnant.

The real question is: will she leave? Will Lola and Narcisse continue their fling? Will Francis and Mary end up in danger because Lola wants someone to fill her lonely nights?

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