BEVERLY HILLS─On Wednesday, June 3, the new Beverly Hills Rent Stabilization Commission will hold their inaugural meeting to select a Vice-Chair and undergo training on the city’s Rent Stabilization Ordinance and the Brown Act. 

The Commission’s role will be to advise City Council on any amendments made to the city’s Rent Stabilization Ordinance, a municipal policy that seeks to assist the city’s practice of rent control. 

As directed by the City Council, the Vice-Chairperson will be decided by the Commission itself and will rotate between a tenet member and landlord member each year. 

The Commission consists of six members and three alternates, all of whom are residents of the city. Two landlords who own one or more residential properties, two tenets and two At-Large members “who are not tenants, managers of an apartment building, and each of whom does not directly control or have a financial interest of 5% or more in a multi-family residential rental property (apartment building) either within or outside of the City” will make up the legislative group. There will also be an alternate member as well for each representative body. Commission members are appointed to serve terms of four years.

The Commission Members include:

At Large Members: 

Lou Milkowski (Chair) 

Donna Tryfman 

Ryan D. Gurman (Alternate) 

Landlord Members: 

Remmie Maden 

Neal Baseman Frances

Miller (Alternate)

Tenant Members:

Kathryn Cavanaugh 

Gwendolyn Owens 

Kathy Bronte (Alternate)

The new Commission’s formation comes in lieu after the City Manager declared on March 15 an ordinance adopted by the City Council that imposed a temporary moratorium on evictions for residents who could not make monthly payments due to the impacts of COVID-19.

The Commission will meet the first Wednesday of every month at 7 p.m. virtually on Beverly Hills Television and