HOLLYWOOD HILLS—In an attempt to reduce tourist traffic in the area, the Los Angeles City Council (LACC) has come up with a report of different strategies, including one to create a second Hollywood sign.

The report, which totals 64 pages, was brought to the Los Angeles City Council earlier this month. The report includes strategies to alleviate traffic in Hollywood Hills, Griffith Park and other tourists spots in Los Angeles.

One of the strategies includes building an equally large, completely identical Hollywood sign on the opposite side of the mountain near the Los Angeles Zoo. According to the report, most people that visit the area are there to take a picture of the sign, with 72 percent of those surveyed on Mullholland Highway Vista noting they were there for the snapshot.

The report also states that “visitors sometimes walk along narrow roads with blind turns to access the viewpoints, and some popular areas lack sidewalks or the appropriate pedestrian infrastructure.”

According to the report, a second sign will still allow tourists to take pictures without disrupting traffic or residents in the region. Another strategy includes developing a Hollywood Sign visitor center, implementing a Hollywood sign art program, installing bathrooms at key viewing locations and enhancing the most accessible The areas with viewing platforms.

The report also addresses parking to create more space for tourists looking to explore the city, which includes strategies such as obscuring viewpoints in residential areas to deter tourists, collaborating with Google Maps and Waze to route tourists down different streets and implementing a district-wide wayfinding system.

“[The issue] started really when GPS entered your mobile phone and it made it that much easier to find our area… Unfortunately, it’s been close to a decade-long problem,” said Sheila Irani, a board member with the Hollywood United Neighborhood Council.

The plan is currently being discussed by the city council, and nothing has been determined.