HOLLYWOOD—So Daniel is out of the mix, so what happens next? Well the battle between Emily, Victoria, David and Malcolm Black rages on. In episode 12, “Danger” the puzzle pieces were on the move once again. The episode opened with a flashback of David Clarke being stabbed by ‘The White Haired Man’ while in prison, as Malcolm Black made the first move.

Victoria and David’s relationship continued to fracture in the midst of her son’s death, but was he playing her or vice versa. Louise’s political brother arrived in The Hamptons, claiming to want to see his sister. Nolan played mediator to the siblings. David informed Emily that he still planned to kill Victoria regardless of the tragedy she faced. Wow, David is still hell bent on revenge, even after all this time.

Jack had an encounter with Malcolm Black unaware that he was meeting her father. Emily chatted with Nolan to inform him that she convinced her father to not kill Victoria. Her BFF was stunned to realize that she was planning to leave The Hamptons to live happily ever after. Not so sure that’s going to happen, with Mr. Black lurking around. He asked Emily to investigate Louise’s brother, who gave him an eerie feeling.

It seemed Emily and Ben was starting to forge a relationship, and she got the goods that Louise is mentally unstable. Margaux and Victoria shared tears over Daniel’s death, but Margaux refused to accept the story that has been weaved by Emily, Victoria, David and Jack. Emily did her best to talk some sense into Nolan about not “seeing” what everyone else sees.

It became apparent that Black did everything in his power to blackmail and torture Mr. Clarke while holding him captive. David had a conversation with his enemy as a meeting was set to prevent the truth from coming out. Emily checked in on Louise and the hallucinations came to the forefront. Louise was seeing her dead mother, as Emily and Nolan were a bit thrown off by her behavior. It later became apparent that Louise’s brother had been making her go crazy.

Victoria confessed to Margaux that Daniel died saving Emily Thorne. She revealed that Emily is Amanda Clarke, which stunned Margaux, but bodes even worse news because Ben was eavesdropping. Looking out for Louise’s best interest, Nolan and Emily alerted her that she was being drugged by her family to collect her inheritance. I actually feel sorry for Louise, after all this time I thought she was cuckoo and she is saner than most people. Louise spilled the beans about the photo that she obtained for Victoria of Emily. Uh-oh, this does not bode well.

In a stakeout, David planned to take out Malcolm, but Jack tried to prevent his possible father-in-law from doing something irreversible. Nolan stood his ground against her brother who vowed his innocence. Could he actually be telling the truth? When Jack learned that Malcolm had been released he left the police station in a fury.

At the lighthouse, Emily confronted Victoria about her latest deception, and revealed that she knew about her giving the photo to Kate. The episode culminated with a shocker as both Emily and Victoria were drugged by Malcolm Black who had big plans for the two most important women in David’s life. Gamechanger! Until next Sunday “Revenge” lovers!