HOLLYWOOD—Let’s all admit it. The death of Daniel (Joshua Bowman) took all of us by surprise. So how would the series move forward in its narrative with the death of a major player? Put the focus back on the major players, Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) and Emily (Emily VanCamp) who both exhibited a major level in guilt over Danny’s demise.

Victoria and David (James Tuppers) were in complete shock as they arrived at Emily’s abode to find Daniel’s dead body. Emily divulged to David and Victoria what transpired involving Malcolm Black’s daughter, Kate.  When her cell phone rang, David jumped into panic mode realizing that his mortal enemy would destroy his entire family to enact vengeance.

As the group devised a plan to hide Kate’s demise and to explain Daniel’s murder, Margaux and Ben suspected there was more to the story. This didn’t bode well for Emily who was losing composure in the tale she was weaving. Officer Alvarez continued to be a thorn in David and Victoria’s relationship as he kept a careful eye on the guy who returned from the dead.

Nolan found himself playing housemate to Louise, who did her best to grieve, but had ulterior motives that soon came to light. He did his best to divert Kate’s phone so Malcolm wouldn’t arrive to the region and learn the truth.

The Queen Bee and her new ‘lover’ quarreled after he prevented Charlotte from returning to attend Daniel’s funeral, which ultimately led to a slap to the face. David did indeed have wicked line, “I was a prisoner of your lies for more than 2 decades, you can last 1 more day.” When he announced that Victoria and Emily would be housemates, the ladies bickered incessantly.

Margaux was none too pleased with Victoria’s tale that Daniel was the aggressor and Emily was only defending herself when she decided to “kill” her former flame. Jack surely took Kate’s death hard as he reminisced about happier times. Imagine him having to focus on cleaning up Kate’s suite at her hotel room. Officer Alvarez continued to push David’s buttons during a traffic stop. He was certain David was hiding something in his trunk, but to the audience’s surprise Kate’s body had already been disposed of.

Louise snuck into Nolan’s belongings to retrieve a photo of Emily Thorne that Vicky had ensured was delivered to Kate. During her interrogation with Ben, it was apparent Emily was off her game when questions about her dalliance with Daniel came to light. Finally, our heroine sheds a bit of emotion upon learning that Daniel was about to be a father and Margaux was preggers.

Whatever she did worked, because Ben seemed to realize that this woman he suspected of doing bad things was really weaving a tale he had to believe as the truth. Margaux unleashed her inner beast on Emily about Daniel’s death vowing to make her pay. Really, Margaux? Do you think you have a shot at taking down a secret assassin? Of course Emily wouldn’t hurt a pregnant lady, but be careful Margaux; you could get mixed up in things you can’t control. When Emily learned she was banned from Daniel’s funeral it nearly tore her apart.

Vicky was finally come to grips with the fact that her son was no longer in her presence as she picked out the suit he would be buried in. When David checked in on his daughter, he learned her father had plans to kill Victoria. Whoa, game-changer, because it became apparent that David might still have unfinished business with his lover.

Nolan warned David of a bloodbath that had transpired in Miami, but little did they know, Malcolm Black (Tommy Flanagan) had already arrived in The Hamptons. His first introduction: Officer Alvarez. The accent was a bit of a distraction as he claimed to be with the FBI looking for information about his daughter Kate. When he noticed the lack of government tags on the vehicle, Alvarez found himself stabbed to death and thrown into Malcolm’s vehicle before it fled the scene.

Hmm, this guy looks like a baddie who will bring murder and mayhem to David Clarke, Emily Thorne and Victoria Grayson. Daniel’s death has indeed pushed the narrative into full force on a wicked season full of twists and turns. Until next Sunday “Revenge” lovers!