UNITED STATES—See canyon news.com 09/17 pp 3&4 LEN BERGANTINO, ED.D., Ph. D., A.B.P.P Doctorate – University of Southern California – 1971 Diplomate in Family Psychology American Board of Professional Psychology (424) 293-9511 (7 Rings)

“Brief Uncommon Therapy” Trained by Milton H. Erickson, M.D.



I was trained in “CLINICAL HYPNOSIS” from 1977-1980 by Milton H. Erickson, M.D. – THE FATHER OF MODERN MEDICAL HYPNOSIS. Dr. Erickson trained me by telling stories at a very slow pace for between 90 minutes (ultradian cycle) and six hours. MARGARET MEAD TOLD DR. ERICKSON THAT THE PACE AT WHICH HE TOLD STORIES SHE HAD ONLY HEARD IN A “RARE AFRICAN TRIBE RELATIVELY FREE OF DISEASE!” Furthur, Dr. Erickson said that when I told stories I had pinpoint accuracy in releasing unconscious blocks to health, wellness and the turning around of the disease process.

Having been trained by 17 world renown psychiatrists and clinical psychologists I developed methods on occasion to get clinical turnarounds in one to three sessions.

In two of my most miraculous one session turnarounds a fellow psychologist and a dumb patient reported me to The CA Board of Psychology. The first of these complaints was in 1979 and the second in 1989. Inbetween I did psychoanalysis as BOARD OF PSYCHOLOGY IN MAKING THE WORLD SAFE FOR DEMOCRACY DEMANDED I FUNCTION AT A LOWER LEVEL THAN I WAS CAPABLE TO PROTECT THE PUBLIC!. While I was a licensed psychologist from 06/72 to 08/14 in Arizona and 12/72 through 2014 in CA and from 2007-2016 in Hawaii, I FOUND THAT I COULD DO LITTLE THAT WAS CREATIVE OR USING MY FULL RANGE OF ABILITIES AS A LICENSED PSYCHOLOGIST SO I DID MY BEST TO RID MYSELF OF ANY PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATION WITH CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY AND THREE LICENSING BOARDS WHICH I ACCOMPLISHED BETWEEN 2014 AND 2016. BASICALLY, I FOUND PSYCHOLOGY TO BE A PROFESSION THAT RACED AND BULLIED ITS WAY TO MAINTAIN A SEAT ON THE BACK OF THE BUS!!! QUITE UNLIKE ROSA PARKS!!!

The primary reason I got rid of clinical psychology lock, stock and barrel was because as Dr. Erickson said, He “respected my dedication to the work!” Read “UNCOMMON THERAPY: THE PSYCHIATRIC TECHNIQUES OF MILTON H. ERICKSON, M.D.”, by Norton Press, 1973, to see how big of a compliment that was! FOR A COPY OF MY 121 pp. UNPUBLISHED MSS. “REVERSE ANALYSIS AND THE EXISTENTIAL SHIFT” send $100 MONEY ORDER TO DR. LEN BERGANTINO, 1215 BROCKTON AVE. #104, LOS ANGELES, CA 90025-1366

Thus, if you have any interest in working with me from what I have written here IT WILL BE AS PART OF SOMETHING I JUST BEGAN TO GIVE ME THE DEGREES OF FREEDOM NECESSARY TO REALLY GIVE THE PUBLIC MY BEST SHOT, AND THAT IS AS A DOCTOR OF DIVINITY WHICH I PURCHASED FROM THE UNIVERSAL LIFE CHURCH IN 1975 for $20. In other words I would rather work with you as part of my ministry of THE UNIVERSAL LIFE CHURCH (No. 12,656) than as a clinical psychologist governed by those who say they protect the public while insuring the lowest ‘community standard of care’ possible! HAVING HAD A BOOK THAT BECAME A MASTER CLASSIC IN THE FIELD AND NINETY PUBLICATIONS I AM IN A POSITION TO MAKE SOME IMPACT IN DOING AWAY WITH HOARDS OF PSYCHOLOGY COMPLETELY THROUGHOUT THE UNITED STATES. A YEAR AFTER MY FIRST TWO SIX HOUR SESSIONS WITH DR. ERICKSON, I SENT HIM A TAPE OF MY WORKING WITH A PATIENT. He said, “For the first ten min. I thought it was me!”

As I will be 74 years old on May 29, 2017 I would not wait too long if you are interested. Call me at 424 293-9511 Dr. Len Bergantino1215 Brockton Avenue, Suite 104, Los Angeles, California 90025 USA.

Len Bergantino, E.I.D., Ph.D. Clinical Psychology (PL 3837) 10266 Kilrenney Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90064 1/21/81

Carl Whitaker, M.D. Professor of Psychiatry U. of Wisconsin Medical School Center for Health Sciences 600 Highland Avenue Madison, Wisconsin 53792

Dear Carl, The following is material that you dictated to me over the telephone regarding material that may be used in any advertising capacity that Allyn & Bacon, Inc., chooses to do in the promotion of my book, “Psychotherapy Insight and Style: The Existential Moment.”

“The author as a therapist is a student of creativity and he offers a metaphorical elaboration that is both impressionistic, artistic and a stimulus for thinking. He is a professional reporter of interpersonal change models in the family therapy set and even intrapsychic change process in its twentieth century face. The book rouses powerful feelings and stimulates growth in its readers.”

“Reading this book is an active experience in the use of self in the field of psychotherapy, and as such, it both expands and enriches the community standards of practice of professional psychotherapists. That self is really our only tool. It’s use is critical and evolving through each practitioner’s professional lifetime.”

Please sign below acknowledging your permission to quote. Sincerely, Len Bergantino, Ed.D., Ph.D.

***Dr. Carl Whitaker’s signature cannot legally be transcribed. A copy of the original document will be sent upon written request to Dr. Bergantino. Dr. Whitaker is deceased (mid 90s).

Written By Dr. Len Bergantino