HOLLYWOOD—I knew it the moment that Ridge went to Las Vegas and couldn’t remember what happened that wild night with Shauna, a twist was coming on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Gosh, is it me or has the writing on “B&B” become so predictable that the viewers can see it coming from miles and I mean miles away? Ridge and Shauna apparently got married during that drunken night and Shauna has now returned to town giving the tea to her pal Quinn about what occurred.

I’m sorry, but Quinn Fuller/Forrester, I really don’t know her last name, has started to become annoying as hell. She is always meddling in someone else’s life. Quinn focus on your marriage, gosh it’s becoming too frustrating. We know Brooke is not happy with this surprise wedding, but worst of all Ridge seems conflicted about what has taken place. It’s simple Ridge, either you want to be with Brooke or you want to be with Shauna. There is nothing complicated there. You’ve been with Brooke all your life, she is your one and only true love. If I’m being honest, Shauna is a fling and she will always be.

Ridge has a bit to worry about and Shauna right now should be the last of his concerns because his daughter Steffy is recovering from serious injuries after that motorcycle crash people. The pain is palpable, yet Steffy is refusing medication to deal with it. We know she has some broken ribs and bruising, but I feel like there is much more going on with Steffy the writer’s just don’t want to share right at the moment. This brings in Dr. Finnegan who continues to push Steffy to consider medication which she ultimately does. Hmm, I see a potential addiction storyline in the works America? We know Steffy’s predicament will finally bring Thomas Forrester back into the mix. One has to wonder, will we see a reformed Thomas or one who is looking to settle a score and get a bit of revenge people.

This turns to the tale that I am so happy to see over: Sally, Flo and Wyatt. This is a loaded one so bear with me. Sally was busted, she sustained a panic attack and pleaded her heart out to Wyatt. Yes, I can see actress Courtney Hope in contention for a Supporting Actress Emmy nomination for those scenes they were spectacular people. However, the way that the writers are forcing this FANTASTIC actress off the soap yet again is so got damn frustrating. Do they not see the talent here? Are they refusing to see that fans are not thrilled with the pairing of Flo and Wyatt? I thought writers were to make things unpredictable, but at the same time give and take a little bit with the fans.

Hope confirmed via social media she is leaving the soap people, which means Sally is gone yet again. I know she left the soap TWICE already, this might be the THIRD time, I’m not sure I’ve lost count. Here’s hoping that another soap picks up the actress because she is fantastic and it would be lovely to see her really shine. I mean the way writers ended her relationship with Wyatt in the hospital was just the worst thing I have ever witnessed on daytime TV. There is a silver lining in all this: Flo and Wyatt no longer have a storyline, so hopefully fans will get their wish of these two floating off into the sunset. They are just boring as hell as couple, sorry, not sorry.