PACIFIC PALISADES—Pop star Rihanna has reportedly sold her Pacific Palisades home for $14.6 million after having problems with stalkers.

Rihanna moved into the 11,000-square-foot home for $12 million in 2012. The home features seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a full bar, indoor and outdoor entertainment spaces, and a pool with water jets. Within months after moving in, multiple trespassers were spotted on the property causing the singer to move out of the home. She rented out the property to interested parties for $65,000 a month. The home was up for sale in early 2014.

Rihanna has had past issue with stalkers. In 2013, there were several attempted break-ins at her Pacific Palisades home. TMZ broke the story involving Jonathan Whooper who was arrested in October 2013 after he threw a chair through a glass door at the home.

In 2014, a homeless New York man was arrested after he delivered her offensive hand-written notes. He was taken to a psychiatric hospital for treatment. Earlier this year, authorities investigated a man after he posted a selfie of himself outside the mansion.

This is not the first time Rihanna has had problems in her real estate ventures. In 2009, she paid $6.9 million for a two-story home on Beverly Crest. The estate had leakage problems and the singer filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court after the seller claimed to have no knowledge of any defects with the property. She sued the former owner of her previous home, the engineer, her agent and the inspection firm. The property sold for $5 million.