HOLLYWOOD—Let’s get to major narrative plot points when it comes to the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful.” First, Finn is alive and making movement so this is a good thing. With that said, Steffy Forrester has left Los Angeles to breathe a bit. Yes, she has been dealing with extreme guilt and emotion over her mother-in-law Sheila Carter ‘fatally’ shooting her husband Finn and shooting her in the process as well America.

Well, Sheila has been hauled off to jail and had her share of confrontations people. First with Steffy, Ridge and Taylor, then Brooke who discovered her nemesis was responsible for her New Year’s Eve drunken chaos. Well, this week, Li paid Sheila a visit and read her the riot act. Sheila per usual was a mess grappling with the fact that she murdered her own son, but there’s a problem, Finn’s not dead and Li said a bit too much tipping off the sociopath.

With Sheila suspecting her son to still be alive, expect her to go thru great lengths to ensure she makes amends for her actions. When Sheila Carter wants something she makes it happen at all costs people. I mean hello, she shot the wife of her son in cold blood with no regret. She shot her own son and covered it up. Sheila is always priority one, so the danger is still lurking people.

Bill and Ridge are at war again over Brooke Logan. Bill, Brooke is no longer interested in you. Bill should be trying to repair things with Katie (who has been missing in action for months people). Brooke does not need you as a defender Dollar Bill and you’re just causing problems instead of fixing them. Not good people, not good at all. Brooke, Taylor and Ridge are still dancing around this love triangle as its apparent Ridge is still drawn to Taylor even though Brooke might be his destiny, things can always change.

With that said, we have this unexpected push from Hope to reunite her mother with her father, Deacon. Yeah, not really interested in seeing that, but it looks like viewers will see this transpire anyway. With that said, it might be time to find a new romance for Taylor Hayes. Rumor has it Deacon might be it, but I was hoping it would be Bill Spencer. Why? It would make Ridge livid, and I think Brooke would be jealous as well. That is a more interesting dynamic that should be explored people.

Donna and Eric’s affair is causing concern for Eric, who informed his former wife they needed to put a halt on things. Quinn gave Eric that ring to monitor his heart rate, which as the audience knows is going to lead to Quinn or someone discovering the affair. Here’s the problem: Carter is still hooked on Quinn and has professed his feelings, just as he plans to move on with Paris who is not giving up.

I swear if we see another quickie wedding in the works where Paris and Carter are expected to walk down the aisle and the truth about Eric’s affair with Donna is exposed and he leaves another woman hanging I’m going to be flabbergasted. How so? That means both Zoe and Paris will have been burned by the charming guy, Carter isn’t the nice guy that the soap has presented him to be or perhaps we can just call it as we see it: bad writing.