UNITED STATES—I don’t recall specifically when I first remember hearing my first podcast that involved reality star and “Survivor” alum Rob Cesternino, but I am so glad I stumbled upon it. I have been an avid fan of the CBS reality series “Big Brother” and “Survivor” since the dawn of time. I haven’t missed a season of “Big Brother,” while I tuned out on season 9, 12 and 16 out of boredom, I watched the majority. With “Survivor” I was always a fan, but lost interest as the seasons continued, until “Survivor: Cambodia” just proved to be exhilarating TV to say the least and it brought me back into that orbit.

That is when I stumbled upon “Rob Has a Website” or “Rob Has a Podcast” depending on who you talk to. I mean seeing someone take a deep dive conversation into the strategy, the players and social moves being made by players and how it impacts the game was amazing. I mean for years I thought I was the ONLY person who truly loved these shows, but no, I’m not there are others out there and to have this community where I can be entertained, and take an hour or two from my day to decompress and listen to analytics about games and players that I love and hate is unlike anything I can describe.

I know I’ve been watching “Rob Has a Podcast” since “Big Brother 14” and I don’t know what year that was as it seems eons ago. Things have developed more and more over time with technology and the number of players on the podcast as the years has gone on. I mean I remember it was just Rob C and a mic, and he had a person or two who he’d chat with. Now, it’s a panel and we get to see all these perspectives on “Survivor” and “Big Brother.”

Rob played a fantastic game in “Survivor: Amazon,” and was one vote away from being the winner of the season. He knows the game of “Survivor” pretty damn well if you’re asking me. With that said, Rob was very close to being cast on “Big Brother 3” which cemented my love of the series. His knowledge of the social dynamics of the game is spot on if you ask me. While not the same as someone who actually played BB, I think he’s pretty spot on with his analysis.

Of course there are so many people on the podcast nowadays I couldn’t name them all if I wanted to, but I will admit I’m really hooked come time BB airs during the summer or the two winter versions of Celebrity Big Brother we witnessed. I mean Taran Armstrong does spectacular coverage as the Live Feed Correspondent, who covers the live feeds daily throughout the entire course of the season. That is commitment people and his analysis of the players’ games and his impersonations are hilarious people.

I love Brent Wolgamott who I feel is the voice of the people. His rants and just saying it the way most fans feel and not being apologetic for it is a highlight when it comes to BB. Then we have Melissa Deni who is a balance of Brent and Taran, but provides that perspective that you agree with and sometimes you don’t, but you can appreciate it. And the passion she brings I love it. The trio has great chemistry and they are highlights when I have a tough week and I just need digress, and here someone voice the same frustrations or excitement I have during the weekly Roundtable. It allows me to focus on something that is not related to work or family. Other podcasters that bring fun include Liana Booras, Pooya, Aman Adwin, Mike Bloom, Kristen MacInnes, Matt Ligouri and there is a host of so many others, that I want to name them all, but I just can’t.

On the “Survivor” side of things, there is nothing like listening to Rob and Stephen Fishbach’s analysis of each episode of “Survivor” after the Wednesday night episode. I will admit, I’m missing “Survivor” greatly after ‘Winners at War.’ So I hope when the series returns we get something dynamic and explosive. Buzz has been building about a another Second Chances in the near future. Fans can only hope, and if so it would be pretty fantastic to see Rob Cesternino play “Survivor” again. Would he? I don’t know, but we can all hope people.

To Rob and his entire team, I don’t know what to say beyond you guys are rock stars and “Rob Has a Podcast” totally gives me that hour, two hours or a few hours a week that allows me to escape from the stressors of work and life, have a few laughs and decipher gameplay (rather exciting or not) of fans of a community that for years so many thought never existed.

You do fantastic work and the moment I get my finances in order and I can become a patron, trust I will. Thank you for all you do, because sometimes I don’t think you get the accolades you absolutely deserve because I remember when you were small, but you’ve built an empire and it shows that hard work always pays off, so all the positive things headed your way, you absolutely deserve it.