SANTA MONICA—Robert Abalov, 33, pleaded no contest to one account of attempted second-degree robbery at a curated jewelry store on Monday, March 25. Abalov is scheduled to serve two years in state prison the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office announced.

On February 28, 2018, Abalov walked into a Curated Jewelry store located on 1603 Montana Avenue. He threatened a female worker to release merchandise holding a device that he touted as a bomb.

The employee gave Abalov jewelry before he fled the scene dropping the items before escaping in a SUV. Officials from the Santa Monica Police Department indicated the alleged bomb was a fake.

Nearby surveillance footage showed Abalov’s SUV smashing into two sedans near 15th Street and Carlyle Avenue, where he injured a 69-year-old woman, before he ditched the vehicle and fled on foot. A manhunt was commenced to locate Abalov in the region of Montana Avenue.

Canyon News spoke to Lt. Rodriguez via email about the incident. “The device was detonated by LASO Bomb Squad and is being analyzed. The bomb squad will be providing us with their analysis on the device,” said Lt. Rodriguez. Abalov was coined the “Bomber Robber” by authorities.

Officers from the Santa Monica Police Department arrested Robert Art Abalov in West Los Angeles on May 29, 2018 in connection to his role in the jewelry store robbery.

Abalov was charged with 664/211 PC – Attempt Robbery; 422(a) PC – Criminal Threats; 148.1(d) PC – Malicious Possession of a False Bomb with the Intent to Cause Fear; 236 PC – False Imprisonment; 20001(b)(1) CVC – Hit & Run Injury Collision; and 487(d)(1) – Grand Theft.