HOLLYWOOD─Rarely does a character burst onto the scene in the soap arena and become a fan favorite overnight. Well, I have to champion the character of Sally Spectra on the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful.” The moment Sally burst on the scene, as part of the Spectra clan she was made iconic thanks to actress Courtney Hope. Hope is sensational as this quirky, yet feisty woman. She has been put thru the ringer on the soap thanks to the Bill Spencer.

I mean he sabotaged her family company, nearly killed her in an explosion, blew up her relationship with Thomas Forrester based on a lie, lost Wyatt to his former flame Flo, reunited with Wyatt only to lose him again to Flo. Yes, this woman has been thru the ringer, and rightfully so. I think it’s the result of the writers not knowing what to do with the character. Sally has been placed on the backburner more times than I can count, and this is a fantastic character, portrayed by a fantastic actress.

Now that Flo has received the acceptance of Katie and Wyatt for her transgressions, Bill is still on the fence and rightfully so, Wyatt tossed Sally to the curb to reunite with Flo, but all is not as it seems America. Why? Sally has not been herself lately, and this week she got confirmation from the doctor that she is seriously ill. Yes, Sally Spectra is getting a major story front and center as we enter February Sweeps.

After a confrontation with Flo, Sally’s symptoms worsened and she sought medical treatment for a diagnosis that changed her life. Per true soap fashion, Sally withheld the information from those in her inner circle except Katie who learned about the news and was taken aback by the reveal. Katie wanted Sally to spill the truth to Wyatt, in the midst of their relationship troubles, but Sally was adamant Wyatt not learn about her diagnosis.

Of course we all know why: she didn’t want his pity. Can you blame her? Wyatt is just as bad as Liam when it comes to women, not only is it problematic that they’ve both shared multiple women in the past, but they have no galls. Liam and Wyatt making a decision is like asking President Donald Trump not to tweet, it ain’t happening.

I will admit I am thrilled the writers are not just tossing the character of Sally as they have done so in the past. One, we get to see Hope shine as an actress, it gives Wyatt a well needed storyline, and it tests his relationship with Flo. I mean you broke up with Sally because she didn’t reveal to you what Thomas was planning with Liam, yet Flo helped steal someone’s baby, that just happened to be her cousin, who she kept secret for months. So tell me who is worse? Yeah, no secret its Flo.

Looks like Flo is about to keep paying for her sins from the past and rightfully so. With that said, the war is continuing to build between Quinn and Brooke. If anything Brooke has every reason to be livid because Quinn tried to break up her marriage once before in the past, and now with Shauna history could be repeating itself. However, Brooke has Eric on her side and he sent Shauna packing from the mansion. Can’t say I feel sorry for the woman, but it intensified Quinn’s rage for Brooke, and with Thomas in her ear now, the dark Quinn has re-emerged.

Could this lead to the end of Quinn as we know it? Or could her partnership with Thomas lead to the death of that beloved character audiences have been teased about this year on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” I first thought it was Sally, but that is a bit too obvious so it makes me think otherwise now with this massive war brewing between two feisty women to say the least. I suspect an innocent bystander to be caught in the crosshairs of these women, and this death will change the soap as we know it.