HOLLYWOOD—Well we talked about one wedding disaster in the soap arena last week in regards to “The Bold and the Beautiful” and this week we have another with “Days of Our Lives.” I will argue the bombshell dropped at Sami and Lucas impromptu wedding was a lot more fun because the viewers have been eagerly awaiting this reveal people.

How so? Lucas was responsible for Sami’s kidnapping months ago, that everyone suspected EJ committed. Lucas framed EJ and utilized Chad and Kate to ensure the second eldest DiMera son would be placed in the slammer and lose his power as the head of DiMera Enterprises. EJ attempted to prove his innocence, but with the Devil lurking in Salem in the form of his son Johnny, he got framed in a wicked way where Chad sealed his fate.

So you might be asking how is all of this culminating now, well it all involves Chad. Chad is a very different person now, compared to a few months ago. Why? His wife Abigail was murdered and Chad wants revenge people and that means anyone who might have been involved or gives a hint that they were involved he plans to take them out people. Kate let something slip where Chad ears perked up and discovered that Lucas may have played a role in Abigail’s murder. Of course the audience knows Lucas did not commit the crime because anyone who appears as the top suspect is never the suspect.

He has a cut on his hand that he has no idea how he received it on the drunken night of Abby’s murder. Chad crashed Lucas and Sami’s with the news that sent shockwaves. The biggest shock was delivered to Sami and EJ. I mean Sami couldn’t believe the guy she hated in the past that she rekindled her relationship with after EJ’s return to the dead antics was responsible for her kidnapping and then framed her ex for it. Sami was not pleased, but you know who else wasn’t pleased: EJ. EJ has always suspected that Lucas was responsible for Sami’s kidnapping and if there is anything the fans of “DOOL” knows it’s that EJ always gets his revenge people and it will be brutal.

That was not it people because Kate and Lucas revealed that Chad knew all about it and kept mum to maintain his seat at the family business. Yeah Chad, that is not a good luck so the DiMera family is in massive disarray right now people. Lucas was placed in cuffs, his family was in disbelief and Sami ran off to her one love: EJ. There was a big problem: EJ had just slept with Belle, Sami’s sister for the second time! Belle tried to hide, but she got caught red-handed and Sami was livid. She had just come back to the man who has always had her heart and she was speechless with what she was witnessing.

Nicole and Eric are still dancing around their feelings as it’s clear that they still have a torch, even though Rafe seems to be aloof to it and others surrounding Nicole and Eric can see the sparks. I’m a bit bored with this people, I’m sorry, either they will reunite or they won’t.

There is other news in Salem though, as Ciara and Ben have sailed off into the sunset and I’m happy. They were the catalyst of too many stories in Salem that became a bit too much in my opinion. Jan went MIA from the hospital with her and Shawn’s new ‘son.’ Yeah, for those not in the know, Shawn is NOT the father of Jan’s child, Evan is people. That bomb is going to come out and devastate Shawn when he learns about it. Allie and Johnny are still fighting over Chanel and yawn this story is a complete bore at this point people. Make a decision already Chanel.

With Clyde being released from prison and not being culpable in Abigail’s murder, the mystery continues to rise people. Who is the guilty party and more importantly what is the motive? C’mon “DOOL” do not disappoint the fans.