SANTA MONICA—On Saturday, May 7, Santa Monica parents got a glimpse of how high school teens party by allowing parents to visualize a mock house party. The event was a simulated high school party, known as “Reality Party.”

“Reality Party,” depicted binge drinking, drinking games, marijuana and prescription drug use, and the risks around alcohol and sex. The party took place at CLARE Conscious Recovery, 1334 Lincoln Blvd., a program that was made in convergence with the city of Santa Monica, the Santa Monica Police Department and the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District.

Santa Monica High School sent volunteer students from its drama department to portray the roles of teens in the simulations.

Two Santa Monica teens recently died from drug-related causes, which led to the city to participate in the event, to prevent alcohol and/or drug-related deaths and calamities in the region.

The “Reality Parties” are used by treatment and prevention professionals to teach and prevent teen substance use and its rates throughout Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.

A survey conducted by California Healthy Kids found that 63 percent of 11th graders in the Los Angeles County have used alcohol and/or drugs. Thirty-seven percent have used alcohol and/or drugs within the last 30 days and 69 percent of 11th graders in Los Angeles County stated it’s “very easy” or “fairly easy” to gain access to marijuana.

A recent youth survey done by Harder + Company showed that 86 percent of Santa Monica youth found it “somewhat” or “very easy” to get alcohol. More than 50 percent stated in the survey that they attended at least three house parties within the past year where alcohol was available.

The event was aimed at parents of middle and high students. For more more information on “Reality Party,” visit