SANTA MONICA—The city of Santa Monica committed to enhancing digital customer service during the pandemic. New improvements have rolled out on the website to prioritize access to information and usability with an emphasis on the public experience.

This multi-phase effort has seen a number of exciting enhancements over the past few months starting with a complete overhaul of the website’s menu and structure. Users can easily find content organized by topic without having to know the department or division is responsible for providing each service. The new structure is designed to enhance exploration by elevating content in multiple locations so users can find new programs, places, processes, and services while also being able to easily navigate or search the site.

In addition to an enhanced website structure, a number of new functionalities were presented during this same time period. Users can find information about Santa Monica locations including the hours of operation, directions, programs, latest news, top resources, amenities and more. Using the available filters, the list of locations can be narrowed down based on the location type and the unique amenities that each place offers.

Step-by-step instructions, answers to the most frequently asked questions and a breakdown of how to complete each process using the available methods – online, email, mail, phone, in-person, or mobile app were changes made. In alignment with the new site structure, each page gives a complete overview of the process from start to finish and brings information into one place regardless of which department or division is responsible for each step of the process.

Anyone interested in discovering more about Santa Monica’s departments, the new department landing pages provide an overview of each department, a breakdown of the divisions, the latest news and updates, top resources, and a list of the department leadership. Regular updates will be shared as enhancements are rolled out. Explore these enhancements on