SANTA MONICA—The iconic California Incline in Santa Monica is scheduled to reopen at the end of summer due to the new construction of the Pedestrian Overcrossing and Idaho Trail.

The California Incline was last renovated in 1930. To be current and meet today’s seismic standards, the bridge is being reconstructed and is being equipped with wider and safer features and improved bicycle and pedestrian accessibility. The new Pedestrian Overcrossing crosses over the Incline providing pedestrian access to the beach from Palisades Park.

The city originally planned to reopen the Incline prior to Memorial Day weekend, but additional time was needed once the decision was made to add the Pedestrian Overcrossing in November 2015. It was then decided that construction crews would have the daunting task of completing both projects by early July. Design complexities of the Overcrossing pushed that proposed date back to the current one at the end of summer.

To ensure safety for traveling pedestrians as well as construction crews, the Overcrossing is required to be completed before the CA Incline can reopen. Building the two structures simultaneously is also the most cost effective option as crews can work concurrently on both projects, and it creates leverage for existing traffic closures and detours. An official opening date is scheduled to be announced before the end of July.

For project updates, visit Those with questions concerning the construction can call (888) 303-6026. Information regarding the projects can also be on and on Twitter @CAincline.