SANTA MONICA—The city of Santa Monica will unveil the final draft of the Downtown Community Plan (DCP) at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium East Wing on Wednesday, April 12 at 6:30 p.m.

The city has named the occasion as the “Final DCP release event” and the plan is set to shape the future of Santa Monica’s downtown for the next 20 years. The focus of the plan is to assure that the downtown will still continue to be city’s economic engine.

The DCP prioritizes affordable housing for a wide range of incomes and consists of strategies to preserve historic structures while redeveloping underutilized areas to benefit the community. The plan stresses on maintaining the successes and avoiding a reversal of fortunes that could lead Downtown Santa Monica back into a dilapidated state that existed close to a generation ago.

In May 2016, Downtown Santa Monica got its first commuter train line in more than half century connecting Santa Monica to the Westside. The city also got Los Angeles County’s first public bike-share system which changed the means of travel for commuters in Santa Monica.

After unveiling the plan on April 12, the DCP will head to the City’s Planning Commission for review. A final vote by the Santa Monica City Council is expected to take place in the coming months.