HOLLYWOOD—Sarah Jessica Parker ditches her designer heels and her job as a Vogue columnist post “Sex and the City: and sets her sights on the new hit series, “Divorce,” scheduled to hit television screens by spring or summer 2016, according to Michael Lombardo, HBO’s programming president.

As the executive producer and star of the show, Parker portrays Frances, a woman who has plans of ending her marriage, yet realizes that divorce is a very tedious process. Through it all, she navigates life and love while fighting a long battle with the help of new friends.

Other notable figures set to appear on the show include Molly Shannon (Diane), Thomas Haden Church (Robert) and Talia Balsam (Dallas) who will work alongside creator/writer/director, Sharon Horgan.

Although Parker has made quite a name for herself, especially since she still remains as stylish and as amply coiffed as ever, since her “Sex and the City” days, don’t expect Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha to come strutting around the corner anytime soon to come to her rescue. The show, while depicting the life of a New York City woman and her outlook on life, Frances still reminds us of the good old ‘Carrie Bradshaw’ days, only older, wiser and with a failed marriage in tow.

While the topic of divorce is emotional, the show lends it’s comedic chops and offers a fresh take on the opposite spectrum of romance- woman meets man, woman marries man, couple gets divorced. It’s a fresh take on the realities of today’s marriages and with Sarah Jessica as the lead, well, I’m excited to relive the beloved :Sex and the City: days.

Frances may not appear as starry-eyed and hopeful as her former character, but hopefully she will land something BIG on her new show and help us believe that when the going gets tough, happiness awaits.