UNITED STATES—In recent weeks, comedian and actor Bill Cosby has been all over the media outlets with the accusations that he was responsible for drugging and sexually assaulting more than 2 dozen women. At first what may have appeared to be a money grab, soon became an onslaught, as accuser after accuser came forward with allegations against the actor.

One or two accusers, one would think otherwise, but when you have nearly 20 women claiming fowl behavior, that is no coincidence.  I mean big time names like Janice Dickinson, model Beverly Johnson and now Kathie Lee Gifford came forward with some behavior that has shed even more light on Mr. Cosby himself.

While Mr. Cosby hasn’t really come forward to defend the accusations against him, statements have been made here and there about the level of integrity in journalists who have reported on the scandal. So much to the point, that some have argued that Bill Cosby has cried the race card to black journalists; is that a fair assessment?

I would argue no. Media outlets have to uphold the highest level of integrity when reporting news. Do I see this issue as something salacious to a degree yes, but it also comes across as a newsworthy issue because the level of magnitude is so far reaching. It’s not a victim or two, its multiple victims who have come forward with detailed accounts of incidents that have taken place.

The alarming factor is as each day passes, each week, the amount of speculation and potential evidence Mr. Cosby continues to mount. He has not come out making an official statement refuting the claims that have been made against him. Does that make the situation worse? Kinda, I get the entire legality around the issue, but in no way would I continue to allow my name to be dragged through the mud if it’s something that I’m not guilty of doing.

By keeping silent, Mr. Cosby is almost acknowledging to a degree that the claims against him could hold some truth, some merit. His wife, Camille Cosby, and his daughter Evin, have both issued statements regarding the allegations against him. Does that help his stance? Not really if you’re asking me, as co-stars have yet to come out defending him.

It’s difficult to imagine the man who was considered by many to be one of the greatest TV dads of all-time being guilty of such crimes, but at the current moment, the idea of being innocent until proven guilty, doesn’t look good.  With each day that the scandal continues to grow, the level of silence intensifies which only places a bigger target on Bill Cosby.

At some point he has to say something, it’s long overdue and a scandal just continues to grow in the world of the media the longer you refuse to acknowledge it, especially if the claims are so prevalent that it’s impossible to ignore.