UNITED STATES—Freshman Congresswoman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will face competition for her congressional seat in the 14th District from Scherie Murray. Murray, who is a Republican hails from New York and immigrated from Jamaica as a child. She announced her intent to run for Congress and possibly unseat Ocasio-Cortez.

According to her website, Murray started her own business in 2004, known as the Esemel Group. Through advertising production and programming work, she generated employment opportunities for minorities in New York City. Murray is also a proud Veterans Advocate, and working to revitalize her district.

Murray sent out an introduction on Twitter with a YouTube video stating, “You deserve someone who will fight for you, not fight for the limelight. Someone who will build bridges, not burn them down. Join me, let’s unite the fight and build bridges together.”

“I‘m a Jamaican immigrant. And I love America. Not the America radical socialists want to see, but the America that is a land of opportunity for all. That’s what I’m fighting for. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez isn’t worried about us,” Murray stated on her campaign page.
“She’s worried about being famous. It’s time to rid NYC of AOC,” she added.