HOLLYWOOD—If the games haven’t been risky enough on “Scream: The TV Series” the killer increased the level of risk for Emma and her pals in the latest episode, ‘Village of the Damned.’ The annual Lakewood carnival was about to dawn on the residents. Audrey was awaken by seeing blood dripping from her ceiling and seeing two messages written in blood: ’12 Dead’ and ‘No one will ever forgive you.’ This left Audrey crumbling, as she turned to Noah who delivered sane advice: confess the truth.

Gustavo, Audrey, Zoe and Noah discussed what the killer’s intentions are in the wake of Ms. Lang’s attack. Hmm, that fire at that home in last week’s episode was a property owned by Brooke’s father. The authorities learned that Ms. Lang had tons of evidence on the students of Lakewood, which prompted Sheriff Miguel to steal the tape that belonged to his son. He was further rattled by discovering two bodies in that burning home. Emma told the authorities what happened at the burning house, and Emma learned that Eli is a bit more troubled than she thought. Miguel asked Maggie to return to the case, as he continued to allude to that picture with a young Emma and the mystery man.

Gustavo was not happy to learn that his father was searching his room, about the incident that occurred in Phoenix. His father suspected his son who was hiding that mask, and Gustavo called his father’s bluff to prove that he was indeed a killer. Kieran paid Emma a visit who warned Emma that Eli is dangerous and not to be trusted. Audrey received video from the killer who was watching over Emma and demanded she divulge the horrible truth.

Audrey and Emma bonded at the annual Lakewood carnival. Brooke performed her magic to ensure Zoe presented her best self for the Lady of the Lake contest. Hmm, could Zoe become a casualty of the killer leaving Noah heartbroken yet again? Looks like Gustavo was spying on Brooke to help her shake off any jitters.

Eli did his best to speak his mind to Emma at the carnival, and Kieran warned his cousin to stop telling stories, which left him in a whirlwind as he pummeled Eli as Audrey and Emma watched in shock. Zoe and Noah can’t keep their hands off one another. Audrey divulged to Emma that she is being stalked, which led to Audrey wanting to point the finger again at another guilty party to deflect. Brooke had a bit too much to drink and delivered a speech unlike any other as she revealed that she was coping with some troubling emotions. She made it clear that Lakewood is a dangerous place, people die all the time, and that it’s time for people to acknowledge the truth.

Maggie revealed that Seth Branson was one of the bodies in the bathtub; the other victim was stabbed in the throat and dead before the fire. How in the world would Gustavo know that Seth was tied to a bed unless he was there (well, we know Brooke informed him about it)? Emma received a text that led her to a trap where Kieran was being held captive inside the carnival. Audrey later received video from the killer noting that he or she was following Emma. The Lakewood officer who was trailing Emma found himself a target of the killer, just as Emma stumbled over the officer’s body, which prompted her to reach for the gun as she fired a shot at the mirror.

The authorities surrounded Emma who had the gun, just as the masked killer emerged and it was Kieran who was gagged and had a knife tapped to his wrist. Who the hell is this wicked to weave such chaos? In the midst of the chaos, Kieran admitted to Emma he was the reason his parents were killed in that car crash; he was dealing with guilt. Noah and Audrey had a conversation, where she finally decided to divulge the entire truth, regardless of the consequences. Noah and Zoe continued to grow closer, and the moment of truth was about to finally happen for our horror geek, but a phone call from Audrey interrupted things yet again. Zoe is not a fan of Audrey’s people, and the fact that she hasn’t divulged what she knows about Audrey is telling.

The final moments of the episode saw Gustavo sneak into Brooke bedroom, as they played cuddle buddies during her time of need. Audrey got the courage to spill the beans to Emma, just as Emma received a recording of the dirty betrayal. Did the killer send that or was it Zoe? It looks like we’re getting close to the truth people. Until next Tuesday “Scream” lunatics!