HOLLYWOOD—Last week set the stage for a new killer who is looking to deliver a ton of bloodshed on the town of Lakewood yet again. This week’s episode of ‘Psycho’ picked up right where last week’s episode left off with Emma discovering someone cloaked in all black inside the home on that pig farm.

Looks like yet again, Maggie is keeping secrets! She was all too aware of that infamous farm that has left her daughter reeling. To prove her loyalty, mother and daughter returned to the farmhouse, only to discover all those pictures of Emma have vanished. How convenient? Emma updated Kieran on the latest developments, and she questioned her sanity yet again. Someone is indeed following Emma in a blue car, just as Audrey was curious about Noah’s theory on Piper’s accomplice. Brooke became concerned when it became evident that Jake hasn’t been seen in the past few days.

Audrey became unhinged after getting another text from the killer making it clear the games have just begun. Zoe was a shoulder to cry on for Emma as she made it clear that she understands what it’s like to go through ‘something.’ Yet again, Emma seems intrigued by the mysterious Gustavo. There is another new face in town, as Emma came face-to-face with a guy who knows a bit more about her than she does about him. Looks like Brooke’s dad is still keeping tabs on his daughter and Jake; I mean to have his phone linked to his daughter’s proves he is concerned.

Kieran had a drag-out fight with his Aunt Tina who became concerned about his recent behavior. Looks like his time in Lakewood is about to be cut short, which is more bad news for Emma. Brooke took it upon herself to file a missing person’s report, and sparked a conversation with Gustavo. Is a budding relationship in the mix between these two? God, that kid is creepy; just as she was about to file her report, she got a text (uh, we know it was likely from the killer) to prevent the truth from coming out.

Maggie had a conversation with Tina to discuss Kieran, just as Emma freaked out at the sight of a woman whose resemblance to Piper was unsettling. I mean to make things worse; this teacher who Emma thinks she can protect has her own agenda. Brooke is so headed for a major heartbreak when she learns Jake has been gutted. That mysterious face that Emma met in school happens to be Kieran’s creepy cousin Eli. Brooke got dressed to perfection and Mr. Maddox was not happy that his daughter was going to bail on an important event.

Emma decided to confront her deepest fear by returning to the docks where Piper was killed and a killer was seen from a distance. While Emma thinks it’s a hallucination, I beg to differ. It led to her and Kieran getting hot and heavy in his truck. Noah waited for Audrey as they prepared to get the goods on Piper’s accomplice, and spoke to management. Noah was clued in on a female accomplice, but a phone call from who was thought to be the killer (um, it was Audrey) scared him senseless. Wow, Audrey is a bit more deceptive and ruthless than we expected, especially when it comes to ensuring her secret stays hidden.

Noah got a hot lead on Piper’s storage unit, which only worried Audrey even more. Tina delivered great news to Kieran and Emma by announcing they’re staying in Lakewood. Ok, Emma you are aware that walking home at night in the midst of a psychopath being on the loose is not a good idea. You live and you learn, as Emma found herself being followed by a mysterious someone in a blue car, it happened to be her FATHER! That is a welcome twist that I didn’t see coming. Ok, so her father is returning to Lakewood, which means there is plenty more narrative to be amped up in the coming episodes that should stun viewers.

Gustavo watched Brooke as she waited for Jake to come to the door, but we all knew that wasn’t happening. The final moments of the episode saw Audrey sneaking to that storage unit that Piper kept so well hidden. Audrey got a welcome surprise as she entered the storage unit, because she came face to face with Jake’s bloody body, with a message from the killer that read: “See how I finished the job for you?” Things are getting good “Scream” lovers. Until next Monday “Scream” lunatics!