HOLLYWOOD—It has been quite some time since we’ve had a discussion on the shenanigans going on in the world of Port Charles or as many of you know, “General Hospital.” With it being sweeps, the soap has been amplifying the level of drama and chaos to keep viewers tuned in day after day. Well, last year the series kicked off two live episodes during sweeps that involved the death of Duke Lavery at the hands of Carlos Rivera. Well, Carlos is still front and center in the midst of all this chaos.

Last week, an epic car crash occurred just as Nathan West and Dante Falconeri were transporting Carlos to prison. The crash was caused by Carlos who stabbed Dante in the chest with a pen, courtesy of DA Paul Hornsby. Yeah, Paul is scrambling a bit because Sonny alluded to the fact that he knows Paul gave that pen to Carlos, as did Anna Devane. Carlos made it clear he was not going out without a fight, so he knocked Nathan in the head with a rock causing a brain injury, he indulged in a battle with Anna before locking her in a freezer, and then made the ultimate mistake by calling his boss Julian Jerome.

That crash has created a bit of a miracle for Sam Morgan, because her husband Jason who was on his motorcycle during the collision has regained all of his memories that previously eluded him. This is welcome news because so many PC residents have been eager to breakthrough to Jason, whose memories kept him distant from family and friends for months (Carly, Sam, Sonny, Michael, the Quartermaine clan and many more). And Jason has been making the rounds to celebrate the news to those close to him. This is welcome news for Sonny, who will be ecstatic to have his right-hand man back by his side. Especially to deal with Julian and Paul; I can’t wait till Sonny discovers that it was Paul who fired those shots putting him into a wheelchair.

Yeah, for weeks, viewers have been well aware that Julian has been back in the mob game and secretly hiding it from his wife Alexis (who just so happens to be a high-powered attorney) and his daughter Sam who is married to a mob enforcer. When Carlos demanded to meet Julian, the mobster came prepared to nip the issue once and for all. How so? Well he utilized that crafty knife that Alexis keeps in her house, as a reminder of the heinous deed Helena Cassadine committed against her mother.

Ok, I’m at a loss for words. Did Julian purposely want to frame Alexis for Carlos’ murder? And how in the hell would he not expect her to know that a weapon of such caliber was used to commit the crime. Its’ apparent Alexis knows her husband is up to some dirty deeds. I mean he had that witness who spotted Duke being killed by Carlos whacked and he’s been acting very strange lately. I mean the fact that she is married to a mobster is crazy enough, but for Alexis to have to cover up his dirty deeds and not be able to spill the beans because she is his attorney is even worse. Julian expects his wife to align with his demands or else, but the fact that she didn’t burn that bloody shirt Julian wore the night Carlos was murdered explains she has ulterior motives in place.

Port Charles Police Chief Jordan Ashford is well aware that Julian and Alexis are lying, and it’s just a matter of time before she lands the goods to slam the cuffs on him or even Alexis. I’ve been pegging for months that something would transpire between Julian and Nina, and now that she is aware of his mob dealings and his sabotage of Crimson magazine, I figure he will use that angle to get at her heart.

Why? Well, Nina and Franco are no more, and it certainly looks like Franco is getting back to his old psychotic ways. I mean he paid his mother Heather Webber a visit, and it appears someone is stalking Jason and Sam. Franco is way too obvious and so is Heather, but the culprit may indeed be linked to the two of them in some odd way. I think this storyline line will indeed play out over the next few weeks before we see the big reveal.

Other ramblings in PC include the cat-and-mouse game between Hayden and Nikolas, just as Elizabeth seems to be building a ‘relationship’ with sociopath Franco. Wonder, how Nina will respond to such news. Looks like Sabrina Santiago should be back in Port Charles any day because it looks like Tracy and Michael are caring for her bundle of joy.

With so much happening, there is no telling who’ll be next to get whacked on “General Hospital.”