CALIFORNIA—California Senator Brian Dahle (R-CA) will challenge incumbent Governor, Gavin Newsom (D-CA) in the gubernatorial race on November 8.

Newsom was in the lead in the primary race carrying 60.8 percent of the vote. As of 8:53 p.m. on June 7, Dahle held 15.2 percent of the vote to faceoff against Newsom.

Senator Brian Dahle

Senator Dahle along with his Republican colleagues introduced the” ACT on Homelessness,” legislative package to address the homeless crisis in California.

“While Sacramento Democrats and the Governor have thrown $17 billion at the homeless crisis over the past four years, the problem has only gotten worse. To ensure our State starts seeing improved results, the Republican solutions emphasize results by demanding accountability, providing housing and shelter, treating mental health and substance abuse, and including prevention for people at-risk,” said Dahle on his website.

“Foster youth, veterans, individuals struggling with a mental health diagnosis, addicts, and domestic violence victims are especially vulnerable to becoming homeless. Our proposals will give vulnerable populations the tools they need to transition away from homelessness. Democrats have spent record taxpayer dollars in recent years, but the problem has only become worse,” Dahle added.

Governor Newsom has served as California’s governor since 2019. He served as Lieutenant Governor from 2011-2019, and held office as the mayor of San Francisco. He has survived six attempts to have him recalled.

• Filed by Erin Cruz and 69 others (March 15, 2019)
• Failed to qualify for the ballot

• Filed by Erin Cruz and 137 others (August 2, 2019)
• Failed to qualify for the ballot

• Filed by James Veltmeyer and 99 others (August 26, 2019)
• Failed to qualify for the ballot

• Filed by Orrin E. Heatlie and 124 others (February 13, 2020)
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• Filed by Orrin E. Heatlie and 124 others (February 21, 2020)
• Qualified for ballot: Recall election September 14, 2021

• Filed by Carla Canada and 9 others (June 3, 2020)
• Failed to qualify for the ballot

The primary ballot included candidates for U.S. Senate, Attorney General, Insurance Commissioner, Member of the State Board of Equalization, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, U.S. Representatives in Congress, State Senators, State Assembly members, and other local candidates.