SANTA MONICA—On Thursday, December 13, the city of Santa Monica indicated in a press release that the Santa Monica City Attorney’s Office reached a final settlement with local resident Patricia Anglano in a lawsuit filed by the City accusing Anglano of harassing multiple sub-tenants and potential renters and taking money from them under false pretenses.

The lawsuit, filed in Santa Monica Superior Court earlier this year, alleged that Anglano participated in an intricate scam against more than 10 people who replied to online ads to rent a room in her Santa Monica apartment. According to the city’s complaint, the defendant first extracted money from applicants for the room, and after their checks were deposited, subjected them to harassing behavior that made the potential applicants flee the apartment or determine not to move in. This alleged behavior included:

-Threatening applicants with bodily harm

-Making false accusations to the police and the applicants’ employers

-Invading applicants’ privacy

-Taking away the use of the kitchen, living area, or other amenities

-Warning applicants not to tell anyone about the rental

-Demanding that applicants immediately vacate the apartment

The City Attorney’s Office filed the case under the City’s Tenant Harassment law, which prohibits a variety of unlawful behavior by landlords against tenants – including in cases where tenants harass sub-tenants.

Under the terms of the settlement, which was entered as a Final Judgment by the Superior Court, Anglano will be banned from ever advertising or renting out a rental unit, room, or other residential space to another person again in Santa Monica. She is also forbidden from receiving any money for such rentals.

“This is a fair settlement,” said Santa Monica Chief Deputy City Attorney Adam Radinsky who heads the City’s Consumer Protection Division. “Our first job is always to protect the public from unfair and unlawful behavior. This Judgment against Patricia Anglano serves that purpose.”

The Santa Monica City Attorney’s Consumer Protection Division encourages fairness through awareness and enforcement of the law. To report a consumer issue, visit or contact (310) 458-8336.