HOLLYWOOD—There is one thing people should always be aware of about Sharon on the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless:” when she has an instinct she never lets it go. Sharon is hot on the trail of making it her mission to rescue Crystal, a sex slave worker, who phoned Sharon and asking for help. As the story unfolded, audiences learned that Crystal is the sister of Tessa, the music sensation that has helped Nikki Newman, who just happens to be dating Noah.

Yeah, it’s kind of twisted, but it’s the story that has been presented to the audience. Now here is where things get even more interesting: that guy Zach that Abby has been jumping for joy over is involved in this sex ring and has been working in cahoots with Alice Johnson. Whose Alice you may say? A face from the past, one that Sharon knows all too well because she cared for her daughter Cassie before Sharon was reunited with her. Thankfully, Nick informed his ex of that vital information. Sharon recalled seeing that vehicle Alice driving when she took those photos. Doesn’t take much to connect the dots people!

Alice was NOT HAPPY to see Sharon, and Sharon was not happy to see that woman either. It was evident that Sharon’s instinct that Alice’s sudden appearance in Genoa City is no coincidence and she is digging deeper now more than ever to rescue Crystal who she has seen in person, and after speaking to her sister Tessa. Tessa has a ton going on in her world with juggling a music career, dating Noah, secretly hooking up with Mariah and trying to rescue her sister from a life that no woman deserves.

Will they or won’t they? That is the question that keeps going round and round with the impending love triangle between Phyllis, Bill and Victoria. I love looking at the catfight between Phyllis and Victoria, especially that Victoria is well aware that Jack and Phyllis had a part in utilizing Hochman in an attempt to bring down Brash & Sassy. Things got so heated the ladies nearly came to blows in the elevator, just as Victoria decided to go in for the kill and deliver a sexy kiss on Billy. Yes, Billy loves Phyllis, but Victoria will always and I mean always have a key to his heart America.

Hilary is used to getting what she wants, but it seems she is getting a taste of her own medicine. Her antics not only led to Jordan dumping her, but it has pushed him even closer to Lily who is still grappling with rather she wants to repair her marriage with Cane or kick him to the curb. Lily and Jordan have already shared a few kisses and it looks like the chemistry between the two is building. Hilary is already livid at seeing a man she likes be taken from her by her nemesis.

So what does she do? Mentally screw with Cane to make him think Lily has already moved on and is canoodling with Jordan. I mean this woman has already scored a new enemy in Victoria Newman which is never a good idea, but it appears Tessa might be on Hilary’s bad side also. I have to say Hilary’s fall from grace will be epic soap fanatics. Can’t wait to see Sharon redeem herself, it’s been a long time coming “Y&R” fanatics!