Darren Sharper Sentenced On Rape Charges

WEST HOLLYWOOD—Former NFL star Darren Sharper pleaded no contest to drugging and sexually assaulting two women in West Hollywood.

The rapes that Sharper is accused of carrying-out in West Hollywood are one of several the ex-footballer has has been charged with.

Sharper allegedly carried out sexual assaults in four different states.

Monday, the former safety pleaded guilty to attempted sexual assault and sexual assault in Arizona.

In total, Sharper faces charges in four different states: California, Arizona, Nevada, and Louisiana. In a plea agreement that some have criticized as a “sweetheart deal,” Sharper is expected to serve a nine-year prison sentence.

A former All-Pro for the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings and a Super Bowl champion with the New Orleans Saints, Sharper has been jailed in Los Angeles since February of 2014.

Following his arrest, the 39-year-old was released from his position as an analyst for the NFL Network.

In spite of his crimes, Sharper is still eligible for selection into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, a reality that has many up-in-arms about the league’s selection process, which is supposed to neglect off-the-field conduct and focus upon a player’s football career.

This is a reality the NFL will have to face as early as 2016, when Sharper becomes eligible for induction.