HOLLYWOOD—Thank you powers that be, because for the first time in a long time I am eager to see what is about to unfold on “The Bold and the Beautiful.”  Why? Finn and Steffy are married, the audience discovered that Finn is adopted  and talk about cliffhanger Friday?! The audience came face-to-face with Finn’s birth mother, and it was Sheila Carter! Yes people, I am talking about that Sheila, the wicked, the treacherous and absolutely one of the best villains on Daytime TV.

Sheila has been gone way too long and the last time her presence was seen on the series it was such a disappointment. I mean we were under the guise that she attempted to shoot Quinn, Eric’s wife at the time, but it was Deacon. Yeah, such a disappointing reveal, as it would have been so much more fun watching these two characters go toe-to-toe because they are such wicked women who are willing to go to extreme lengths to get what they want.

Enough with the past misdeeds, Sheila is back and whew this is a story I cannot wait to see unfold. So this was the person Jack was so scared of blowing Finn’s world apart. However, Sheila did not interrupt the nuptials. Steffy and Finn are husband and wife, and I like that the writers waited for Sheila’s big reveal until after. Finn needed to take a call from the hospital and in the midst of that call a stranger congratulated him in the shadows. She slowly revealed her face and it was Sheila who told Finn she was his birth mother. It was some great acting from Kimberlin Brown and the audience finally got to see a vulnerable side of Finn not yet witnessed.

He was in shock and speechless, but the chaos did NOT kickoff until the wedding reception, when Sheila entered the Forrester estate to drop the bomb. Ridge stunned, Eric speechless, Brooke, so frightened that she dropped her champagne glass. It was indeed a bit overdramatic with the extreme close-ups on the faces of our wedding party.

However, we know Sheila is Finn’s mother, which I think is true, there is no reason for the writers to drop a bomb like this and then go against it. It would be a slap in the face against the audience. The bigger question I think EVERYONE wants to know now is who is Finn’s bio dad? Is it someone we know, is it someone currently on the show?

Sheila’s return happens at a time which raises the biggest question of all: why now? What is Sheila’s angle and this is about to really cause struggles in Finn and Steffy’s marriage. Steffy knows all about Sheila’s wicked past and her vendetta against the Forrester clan. Steffy cannot just cut Sheila out of Finn’s life. This is his birth mother that he has to want to know why she gave him up as a child. We also know Sheila had twins when she last appeared on CBS soap “The Young and the Restless” in Daisy and Ryder.

Finn has siblings he doesn’t know about, but the more alarming question is rather Sheila’s evil DNA is a signal of what could be in Finn’s near future. Finn was also forced to grapple with all the horrible things he learned about Sheila or his mom to be. Steffy forbid her husband from interacting with Sheila, but c’mon Steffy that is a tough pill to swallow and Finn heard his wife, but that did not stop him from implementing a plan to get to know his birth mother, even if the new family he was just introduced to disapproved of his decision.

I’ve been waiting for the real drama to strike Steffy and Finn’s orbit and Sheila Carter is the perfect person to shakeup Los Angeles and disrupt the peace in the Forrester, Spencer and Logan families. Oh, we can’t forget about that likely rivalry between Sheila and Quinn to re-emerge people, and it appears the rivalry between Sheila and Steffy. I mean did you see that slap to the face! Sheila took it like a pro before delivering that gleeful smile, something tells me a sinister plan is in play people.