WOODLAND HILLS—R&B singer and actor Ray J and his wife are searching for their missing dog and have offered a $20,000 reward to anyone that finds him.

William Norwood Jr. (Ray J) and his wife Princess Love announced on Instagram that their 5-year-old white maltese “Boogotti” went missing on April 6.

They indicated Boogotti went missing in Woodland Hills around 4 p.m. after running from an open door at the home of Ray J’s parents.

“Hey everybody! I’m out of town and my dog BOOGOTTI is missing,” said Ray J on Instagram on April 6. If you’re in Woodland Hills, CA and found my dog, seen him or have any info PLEASE DM me! Please REPOST.”

Ray J, his wife and friend were found putting up neon sandwich boards and flyers on every corner in a five-mile radius of the Woodland Hills neighborhood on Wednesday, April 17.

“He’s really quiet. He’s really shy,” said Ray J to KCAL 9 News.

Footage Ray J’s dad saw on a neighbor’s security camera revealed a young man in a Dodge Charger stopping on the street to pick up what he believed to be Boogotti. Ray J. however does not see this as dognapping and praised the man who picked him up.

“My dog is so little to where you know coyotes could have got him or he could have just been out stranded in the street so we appreciate who seen Boogotti and picked him up cause that really helped put our mind at ease,” Ray J. said.

“I miss him,” said his wife Princess Love in the same interview. “I know that hes home sick. I know hes not eating. We have four other dogs and he’s out baby”. The couple have said they visited every clinic and shelter in the area.

Photo of Boogotti inside Ray J’s home.

Boogotti is a neutered male maltese with a laid back temperament according to the Facebook page the couple made asking for assistance in finding him. Boogotti weighs 3.5 pounds and does not have a chip or collar.

Any with information or sightings of Boogotti are asked to contact the family at boogottiofficial@gmail.com and post anything related to the long dog under #bringBoogottihome.

The couple has a 10-month-old daughter together named Melody Love Norwood.