HOLLYWOOD—Amy Schumer is funny. Goldie Hawn is also funny and Hollywood royalty. When you put both Hawn and Schumer together what do you get? Well, you get “Snatched,” an R-rated comedy that delivers some laughs, but not the bellyaching laughs we have come to expect from Schumer, especially after her breakout flick “Trainwreck.”

However, the question of the hour is rather “Snatched” is comedy gold, and I would argue not so much. It’s not because Hawn and Schumer don’t have chemistry; these ladies are golden together and one absolutely could see the duo as mother and daughter. The big issue is the narrative gets slightly convoluted as it actually kicks off. I mean the movie is “Snatched” so you should have an idea what transpires.

The first act of the film is quite strong with the laughs. Schumer does what she does best when it comes to delivering laughs to the viewer with her portrayal of Emily Middleton, who recently got dumped by her boyfriend portrayed by actor Randall Park. Emily’s attempt to try to make the best of an awkward situation just resonates with anyone who has ever been dumped or who was doing the dumping. It’s a classic moment and pure hilarity if you ask me.

That complicates things for Emily who was about to go on a vacation with her boyfriend, so with a free ticket available she decides to invite her mother, Linda to join her on their overseas vacation. I will acknowledge that the comedy does have some comedy gold in stars Ike Barinholtz, Wanda Sykes and Joan Cusack, but they are so far and in-between in the narrative that when they disappear you want them to come back.

One could also make the argument that the TV spots and trailers have spoiled some of those funny moments for the spectator. When it comes to comedy timing is everything; and if you know what to expect, when the joke finally lands it’s not as funny as one would expect. If I’m watching a comedy, I don’t want to laugh only during the first 30 minutes of the movie; I want to laugh the entire 90 minutes of the movie.

“Snatched” fails from having a complete balance of comedy. This is one of the issues with cinema nowadays; so many flicks are attempting to blur the lines between genres! If I venture into the theater to watch comedy, that’s what I expect in a comedy. Not a comedy with touches of drama, attempts at realism that don’t add up or tinges of action that don’t quite deliver.

I mean after Linda and Emily are kidnapped, the audience already knows how the rest of the movie will play out, and what should actually be hilarious moments end up being dead air in my personal opinion. Hawn who has delivered consistently in the comedic world of cinema during her nearly 50 years in the industry, seem to be underplayed in this movie. Her talents are not fully dispersed throughout the movie as one would expect. Yes, Schumer is the star, but so is Hawn and if more was done with both characters in my personal opinion it may have strengthened the lackluster plot. That’s a testament to the script that is not as strong as one would expect. FYI, this flick was not written by Schumer for those who might be thinking that.

Considering this flick is R-rated, that just seemed like a given to me that the boundaries of comedy would be pushed even further to deliver to the audience. “Snatched” has some laughs, but it’s not a comedy classic for those who think it is.