UNITED STATES—I promised that I would talk this week about a game and a name that I am certain is synonymous with any gamer. I mean who hasn’t heard of Mario, notably, Mario Bros from the 1985 NES video game system. That game was not easy people, and neither are any of its subsequent sequels. However, that is for another conversation. This week we are going to talk about the game that took Mario to another level: Super Mario World.

This was the video game that came with the SNES system when it was first unleashed to the video game world. It introduced the world to Yoshi, and a world that is encompassing, fun, frustrating, difficult and full and I mean (full) of hidden goodies throughout the game. The Princess has been kidnapped once again by Bowser and his kids have taken Yoshi’s pals who are hidden in seven dungeons throughout this MASSIVE Dino world.

We still have the mushroom and the fireball Mario. At the same time, we have a new power, one that I find one of the best enhancements for our hero, ‘the cape.’ Yes, Mario can now fly people and it’s a nifty tool that can be used to attack, to glide (it is much needed to find many secrets throughout the game) and to breeze through some of the levels.

What I love about Super Mario World is that this game is not easy. So many people seem to think that, but it is likely the direct result of people not finding all the secrets or completed EVERY single stage in the game. I am specifically referring to Star World. Yes, this is the arena where you learn about all the different Yoshis people. You have the blue Yoshi which allows you to fly whenever he eats something. The yellow Yoshi allows you to implement a stomp attack that defeats enemies. Finally, we have the red Yoshi which spits out fire whenever he eats something.

The stages in Star World are not that difficult. However, you have to complete each stage TWICE. Complete the stage in its entirety, then complete the stage by locating the secret key. After you complete each stage, you open a portal to ANOTHER Star World, with about eight levels that are some of the HARDEST stages in the game. Trust me when I say that I’m not joking. It takes finesse, strategy and patience to defeat these stages.

If you’re successful, you return to the first world in the game, but you notice a difference. Colors in the game change, and those ducks have turned into another fun creatures. It’s a neat tool and proves that you’re someone who is a stellar gamer in my opinion. Beyond Star World, you journey to each of the seven worlds where you have to fight off Bowser or as many of us call him Koopa’s children. None of the bosses are that difficult at all in my opinion, just make sure not to be touched by the children or the fireballs they unleash and 3 strikes on the head and they’re dunzo.

There are also enhanced versions of Ghost houses which are just as twisted and difficult as some of the worlds. I would argue the Forest of Illusion and Chocolate Island are some difficult worlds people. I would argue the Forest of Illusion is the most difficult of all the worlds because plenty of deception lies on each stage. You have to uncover the actual secret that leads to you successfully completing each stage.

This is a game that requires a bit of patience and takes time to fully complete the entire game. Don’t rush it, enjoy it, be patient and have fun with the game America. It is indeed a classic and one that will challenge even some of the best gamers in my personal opinion. Simply put if you were never victorious in completing all of Super Mario World I absolutely question if you’re a gamer America.

Written By Davy Jones