SANTA MONICA—The city of Santa Monica’s Beach + Culture series will be presenting Snorkel Dreams: A Machine Project Guide To Art Underwater at the Annenberg Community Beach House pool, according to a press release from the city of Santa Monica. The exhibit will be open for viewing from October 14 through 16 with viewings at 12 p.m., 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.

This group show of artwork is curated by the experimental art organization Machine Project. Machine Project is a local Santa Monica organization that is based in Echo Park, Cultural Affairs Supervisor Naomi Okuyama told Canyon News in an email.

“They’ve been producing remarkable projects that stretch the artmaking and art-consuming experience since 2004,” Okuyama told Canyon News. “Other projects of theirs include a floating library in Echo Park Lake, a decade of fascinating workshops with local and touring artists, and other ‘Field Guides’ – art installations and activities at the Gamble House, LACMA, and downtown Los Angeles’ Grand Park, among others.”

In Snorkel Dreams, the artworks will be presented underwater in the historic pool at the Annenberg Community Beach House. Participants will be able to explore the public pool as an unexpected place for creative expression and be provided with a heightened sense of engagement with the artworks and each other. Those who attend the viewings have three options for viewing the artwork: underwater, swimming above and around the artworks, or by looking down into the water through a viewer. The artworks can also be partially experienced at the poolside or seen from afar in the 4 feet shallow end of the pool.

This is the first time a show has been presented underwater at the beach house and will include paintings, sculptures, ceramics, video, photography, architectural model, and interactive elements that are optimized for subaquatic viewing. Both well-known and emerging artists will be represented at the show including Andrew Cannon, Jessica Cowley, Bob Dornberger, Emily Joyce, Alice Könitz, Candice Lin, Becca Lofchie, Johnston Marklee, Jennifer Moon & Laub, Paul Pescador, Jen Rochlin, Sune Woods, Kim Ye, Patricia Yossen, Mallen&Gray and Machine Project with Grace Eunchong.

Swimmers are encouraged to bring goggles and snorkel sets, although there are some sets available onsite. Even though there is a special allowance for snorkel use for the show, regular pool rules will still be in effect. Lockers will also be available onsite.

The exhibit is open and free to the public with timed reservations. Those wishing to reserve a spot can go to There will also be a special Press Preview on October 14 at 11 a.m. Swimsuits are encouraged and any press personnel can RSVP by emailing Cultural Affairs Supervisor, Naomi Okuyama at

“Because of the presence of the artwork, there will be a limited number of visitors let into the pool at one time,” Okuyama told Canyon News. “When folks reserve for their specific timeslot, they can arrive any time within that hour-and-a-half period. They’ll be spending about 20 minutes in the experience. We also have a few tickets to each timeslot for folks who know they won’t be getting in the water – but it’s definitely not the same experience at all, as virtually all the artwork will be submerged. If we reach capacity for reservations, you can take a chance and get in line – we expect spaces may open up midway through each timeslot.”

Okuyama told Canyon News that some other things that are available to do include, “checking out our dry gallery (currently featuring concept designs for eco-friendly floating power plants), visiting the Marion Davies Guest House to get information on the historic site with docents from the Santa Monica Conservancy, visiting the onsite café (open until3pm) or stroll out to the beach and swim! Picnicking is welcome (no pets, glass, or alcohol at the Beach House or on the Beach.)”

The Annenberg Community Beach House is located at 415 Pacific Coast Highway and parking is available at $12 per day or $3 per hour. For more information on Machine Project visit