UNITED STATES—Can you imagine being on the phone with a service provider for three plus hours to try to get a lower rate for services that you are currently paying for? Yeah, it sounds crazy, but that is just what happened with me in the recent week as I tried to lower the rates from my cable provider. I’ve been with this provider for more than 15 years. Count that again people, 15 years. Every single year since the pandemic my rates have gone up and it’s like c’mon give me a break already.

The first thing that comes out the reps mouth because they love to tout they always have promo discounts, but each time I call monthly guess what, there is no promo. They tossed that same B.S. and I lost it, as I had some choice words and made it clear I was not accepting it this time around. I needed a deal or I was walking because enough was enough already.

Do not tell me you have something, but every single time I call you never have anything to help the consumer. We have this stalemate for close to an hour with a constant back and forth about potential packages. This provider has been trying to sell me their mobile service for the past year and I have made it crystal clear that I have NO INTENTION of leaving my mobile provider. They are great, I love them and my rate never changes. It has been the same for years and that is precisely how I like it.

I want to know what to expect from my bill each month, not a bill that changes from one month to the next because it is hard to prepare and budget when you don’t know what to expect. So the rep indicated he had to speak to his boss to see what package they could extend to me. This goes on for close to an hour as I simply wait on the phone for an update; it was beyond annoying to say the least America.

The first offer presented, I was not interested in. It was a downgrade to the services I currently had and it was not impressive. I told the rep to go back to the drawing board or I was severing ties and I meant it, I was NOT messing around this time as I have been considering cutting the cable cord because the constant rise in costs. The rep goes back to the drawing board and delivers a bundle package that is NOT great, but a way better improvement than the previous one. In addition, I was getting a bit more and my current cost was not rising any and that is what I was concerned about. If you’re going to consistently raise my cost, you better give me something that is worthwhile and not continue to take from my service, yet force me to pay more.

That has happened in the past and I guess my loyalty to some of these providers whether it is cable, mobile, electricity, gas, insurance, etc. is that we are so loyal we overlook when we are being taken advantage of sometimes. As a consumer you have to advocate for what matters most to you. If your provider is not giving you a great deal, guess what, there is someone out there who is willing to do so. Sometimes you just have to put your foot down and if you don’t get what you want find someone who will give you what you want.

Written By Jason Jones