MALIBU—Two amethyst crystals totaling $62,500 each were were stolen from the entrance of Sorenity Rocks Malibu located on Cross Creek Road in the Malibu Civic Center on  September 23. The crystals were being displayed outside of the business for customers to take photos of them because cell phone use is prohibited in the store.

In the burglary report filed at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Malibu/Lost Hills Station, an employee of the store stated in the report that crystals were gone by opening time on September 23. The employee informed authorities that on September 21, the crystals were still in possession of the store at around 6 p.m. 

The stores founder was interviewed by The Malibu Times in 2017, where she explained that her goal for shoppers at her business was to multiply the experience of the community at large. She informed The Malibu Times that the purpose of the crystal business was to provide “healing and functional pieces of crystal and art.”

According to an interview conducted by Malibu Times, when visitors arrive at the store, they are offered crystal waters that are made from rose quartz. Store employees who were also interviewed stated that “the rose quartz raises the vibration of the water to amplify healing and provide soothing qualities.”

Property management at the Malibu Civic Center are in cooperation with the investigation and have stated that they will provide the business owner with video footage of when the theft occurred. 

Canyon News reached out to the owner of Sorenity Rocks Malibu for further details, but did not a response before print.