HOLLYWOOD—When “Suits” aired its mid-season finale during summer 2015, the moment fans had feared most took place: Mike Ross was arrested! Yep, the faux attorney who has been secretly working with Harvey Specter and Jessica Pearson will now have to face the music. This news ushered in a tornado of chaos in the premiere episode ‘Blowback.’

It became apparent that the system was looking to throw the book at Mike for his duplicity. He was planning to confess on tape, and Rachel in a panic alerted Harvey and Jessica about the situation. Jessica was determined to keep Harvey at the firm, which was not as easy to decipher with a possible takeover in the midst at the firm. Mike is no idiot, which is a treat to watch and he came face-to-face with Rachel’s father, Robert.

Robert was none too pleased to discover that Mike isn’t an attorney and unleashed a bit of rage on Ross about giving up Harvey to save himself. Per usual, Mike refused. Louis was alerted of the situation involving Mike’s arrest. In the legal arena, it became evident the gang at Pearson-Specter and Litt had to be wise about their run-ins with Mike to protect themselves from further fallout.

After a few harsh words, Harvey was able to get inside to see Mike and the two bickered about precisely what escape plan to utilize. Gosh this episode was a bag of mixed emotions where, it seemed everyone was on edge and the level of acting was top-notch to say the least. Rachel was a complete mess, not knowing precisely where her life is headed.

Mike’s smart-mouth continued to put him at odds with those in the legal arena, but I must say his “I don’t care attitude was fun to watch.” Harvey went toe-to-toe with the attorney looking to keep Mike locked away, and he offered deals, but it appears she had an ace up her sleeve. Jack traded jabs with Jessica once again, as he did his best to gain control of the firm yet again. Donna was none too pleased to discover that Harvey has resigned and that the prosecutor is looking to nail Harvey to the wall.

Wow, this woman is sneaky good, which did not make Mike happy to say the least. I’m dying to see how the gang will get out of this sticky situation. Mike’s photographic memory proved to be successful yet again and the prosecutor found herself in a tricky spot to say the least. Lewis was not pleased to learn that Harvey no longer works at the firm and he is secretly working with Mike. If that wasn’t enough pressure on Louis, Jessica tasked him with finding a way to prevent Jack from taking over the firm.

Now, the big question of the hour surfaced: who turned Mike Ross in. Louis was not happy to learn that Donna was secretly working on Mike’s case. Go Donna, she gave Louis a piece of her mind and he was as quiet as a mouse. It became evident that battle lines have been drawn in the sand; I mean even Robert is going toe-to-toe with Jessica. Louis deciphered a plan to save the firm by becoming a managing partner, which caused her to unleash her inner beast. I’ve seen Jessica mad before, but never like that.

It has become evident Mike’s secret has had more ripple effects on the people he knows compared to his own life. Mike asked Trevor to stand by his side at his time of need. Donna was not thrilled when Louis chose to terminate her services, which allowed his pal to help Mike and Harvey during a desperate time. Rachel alerted Mike that if he turned on Harvey that he’d gain immunity, but it caused a rift in the couple’s relationship. Rachel confessed her fears just as Mike unleashed his rage on his fiancée.

Looks like Harvey’s plan to utilize Donna against Louis worked perfectly. Mike paid Jack a visit and made threats that if he didn’t back down from attempting to take over the firm he had a plan in place. Looks like Mike is becoming more and more like Harvey each day. He devised a plan to stick-it to Jack, who was wiggling in his shoes with Mike’s confession. Checkmate, checkmate indeed. I was thoroughly surprised with the level of twists and turns in the first episode of the second half of the season. The biggest mystery is trying to pinpoint precisely who sold Mike out; I suspect it is someone that is going to leave fans stunned. Until next Wednesday “Suits” legal eagles!