BRENTWOOD— With the County of Los Angeles focusing on reopening select areas of essential business as of May 20, campgrounds have begun to postpone all programs until further notice.

Tumbleweed Day Camp published an announcement on May 15 suspending their summer programs:

For several weeks, we have been waiting for guidelines, regulations and protocols from the LA County Department of Public Health, American Camp Association, CDC and American Academy of Pediatrics, and we have worked hard behind the scenes in countless conversations to find out as much as we could.”

The campground has been open for over 65 years serving kids of the Los Angeles area. Their three-factor motto states: “Unplug, Explore and play more.”

In the statement, they said they will continue to wait for new protocols and if reopening becomes possible, they will explore the options of small-group programs, family camps, and other safe experiences.

Tumbleweed is an accredited site by the American Camp Association. The Association has been keeping all camps as up to date as possible with COVID-19 developments and released a field guide on May 18 based on CDC guidances.

The guide detailed areas such as facility maintenance, food services, cleaning, and activities to manage the safety of staff and camp-goers.

While the Association has helped prep campgrounds for reopening safely, the responsibility falls on the state and local governments to determine when the safest time for reopening is. As of now, Los Angeles has yet to announce when camps can go back to operation.