UNITED STATES—Summer is here and I know for so many people the big problem at the moment is swapping out the winter/spring attire and replacing them with summer attire. I’m just going to say this and I might catch some slack for this, but I don’t care, I’m not a fan of summer clothing. Why? There just doesn’t seem to be as many options as you think there should be.

When it comes to summer you have shorts, you have T-shirts, you have low cut shoes and sandals, and there is polos for the guys, but who wants to where a polo when its 80 to 90 degrees outside. I can tell you for a fact I don’t. For women, they have more options when it comes to clothing with the various types of shorts they wear, the dresses and the various tops people.

The option for women to shop for clothing in the summer is a lot more exciting than it is for the guys. With that said, the chore to swap out the winter and fall clothing in the closet with your summer attire is not always easy. I will admit I use to make it an all-day exercise organizing the closet. However, as you get older your patience runs thin and it just isn’t worth it.

I remove the clothing that I know I will absolutely not be wearing anytime soon. For example, sweaters and winter coats I think it is safe to say we can store those items away for the time being, at least until mid-September comes around. Pants those are a tricky one, because you can indeed still wear jeans or khakis during the summer months depending on your comfort level with the weather.

It all goes back to what part of the country you live in. If you live on the West coast, it does get hot at times during the summer months, but there always tends to be that cool spell that makes you want to grab a light jacket or pair of pants. If you live in the South, its brutally hot in the summer, so the likelihood of you wearing anything besides shorts or a light fabric t-shirt because the humidity will be so oppressive you don’t want too much clothing on (lol). If you live in the Midwest and Northeast it just depends on the weather systems during a given week, some days the weather can be brisk, other days oppressive and brutal as hell, so you have to pick and choose based on your comfort level when it comes to the heat.

Some people love the heat I for one cannot stand the heat one single bit. What I have learned from the changing of the seasons is you discover what you wear and what you don’t wear. As a result, I have started to donate a lot of clothing to get rid of items. There is no point in just having a ton of clothing in the closet that just collects dust and never sees the light of day. If you wear it fine, but if you don’t wear it, what’s the point of keeping it people?! There isn’t, give those clothes to someone who needs them and can wear them.

Also there is nothing like doing a shopping spree to get some new gear as the kids say. You do have to replenish your clothing as time progresses. You definitely want to visit the retailers during the holidays when they have those big sales and are looking to get rid of items. Like right now is a great time to purchase things for the fall and winter because its summer, no one is purchasing sweats or coats. When the winter comes around, you can start to purchase items for the summer because those retailers are going to want to get rid of them.

It is all about supply and demand, but at the same time you want to ensure you don’t overindulge. Get what you need and stick to a budget. You don’t want your closet that you just cleared out for the summer months to have so much stuff in there you have no idea what you have and what you don’t.

Written By Jason Jones