UNITED STATES—I am just going to say it because some people will not say it: Super Bowl LVII was not that great. Perhaps, it could be that last minute ‘holding’ call by NFL officials that turned an extremely competitive and fun game into a dud of a disaster as the clock just ran down. Yes, the NFL officiating has been a massive problem for years, and unfortunately I do not think it will ever change. This notion that the NFL officials are NOT TO BE BIASED is complete BS. People by nature are biased, rather we admit to it or not.

Up to that point, the game was quite competitive, the Philadelphia Eagles dominated the first half, the Kansas City Chiefs dominated the second half, and then with those final 2 minutes of the game it all fizzled in disappointing fashion as a field goal gave KC the lead by 3 points, and the Eagles with less than 8 seconds had to try to make something happen.

I didn’t have a rooting interest in either team, but I thought it would have been hilarious if the Eagles managed to make something epic happen with those final 8 seconds of the game to push into overtime or a victory. What the Chiefs did was strategic, but it just took all the excitement out of the game for me that was slowly losing its steam as we entered the final minutes of the game.

In addition, the commercials were no stand out. I cannot recall a single one that left me entertained; it seemed to be more focused on movie trailers than actual commercials, which is genius for the film studios. Why not promote your big summer blockbuster to the largest audience possible with a tease that makes them want more people? However, none of those trailers were game changers if I’m being honest. “Dungeons and Dragons” is actually becoming a movie? Had no idea considering the video game is a classic.

Then you have a teaser of the upcoming sixth (I think) installment of the “Transformers” film franchise. I was eager to see the “Scream VI” TV spot that never aired during the actual Super Bowl, it apparently aired during the pregame (and who actually watches that America)? Makes you wonder if that money was well spent or actually wasted. On top of that, the halftime show was a massive disappointment. I was eager to see Rihanna perform, but I was bored. She ignored so many of her hits, “Disturbia,” “S&M,” “SOS,” the list can go on.

Look the halftime show at the Super Bowl can have theatrical elements and visuals, but I’m not watching to see visuals, I want to see you perform; play a medley of some of your greatest hits. The viewers didn’t get that Rihanna, whose performance seemed subdued and I know why: SHE WAS PREGNANT! Great reveal, but I was so bored by the performance I looked up old classic, half-time performances that were a bit more entertaining, Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Michael Jackson to name a few.

I know there are people who are thinking: why are you shaming this woman who performed while pregnant. The woman is not being shamed, the performance was not memorable, sorry, it is what it is and rather people agree, disagree or want to argue, tell me something memorable about that performance besides the fact that Rihanna sort of hinted that she was pregnant, and semi-dancing on floating platforms. I’m waiting.

With that said for Super Bowl LVII I’m hoping to see two teams battle it out who haven’t made it to the Super Bowl or haven’t been there in a significant period of time. I don’t want to see the same teams duke it out year after the year, which is rare in the NFL, but sometimes, just sometimes it seems to transpire year after year or every other year, and it’s a bit boring.

Making matters worse I had to work a hectic work shift this entire weekend, and hoped to be entertained for the few hours I had after work, but found myself wishing I had watched a movie or spent my time doing anything else than hope to be entertained by the Super Bowl, which disappointed once again. Guess the expectations need to be set a lot lower when it comes to the NFL, expect to be disappointed because the playoff games were way more entertaining than this penultimate game people.

Written By Jason Jones