HOLLYWOOD – I will admit I have been a bit underwhelmed by May sweeps for “General Hospital.” The Nurses Ball was more of an event, versus juicy secrets and unexpected shocks coming to the characters or audiences. Now that the Ball is long gone, let the games begin.


The audience has consistently been teased about the identity of ‘Fake Luke’ for weeks. It’s not known entirely who he is portraying, but if one thing is certain, Anthony Geary is delivering some of his best work to date as the creeper. Fake Luke continues to push the envelope in his take no prisoner’s warpath to get what he wants.


Just when Julian (William deVry) had plans to get out of the game once and for all, Luke made threats and he meant business. Would he actually take out Julian’s love Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) to prove his point? Well, he forced Ava (Maura West) out of town so there’s no telling what the guy would do to get his hands on what he wants. Speaking of Ava, she got good news from Sonny that she could return to Port Charles, but she may not be expecting Carly (Laura Wright) and Franco (Roger Howarth) to drop a bomb on her regarding the evidence that they have obtained thanks to super spy Spinelli (Bradford Anderson). Let’s just say guilty as charged!


He invited all of his family to a dinner at the art gallery, but were thrown for a surprise when he found a gun pointed at him and the people that he cared about most. So who became the unlucky victim of a gunshot, let’s just say audiences were surprised to say the least, when it was Lucas who ended up critically wounded with a gunshot to the chest.  


Luckily Felix was by his side the entire time; wonder what Brad will say when he learns about the shooting?  Alexis and Sam (Kelly Monaco) were forced to question rather Julian had indeed turned over a new leaf when it was revealed that his crew and his drug shipment was confiscated by cops. He professed his innocence, but Anna wanted to hear nothing as she put the cuffs on her nemesis.


Speaking of the drug trade a major bust took place this week, but the person Anna (Finola Hughes) and Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) expected to capture was M.I.A. Instead they came face-to-face with Jordan, who delivered a secret to stun audiences: she’s an undercover DEA agent. Hmm, I suspected that twist, but why would she be so adamant about taking down Sean? I’m very interested to see where the story heads, as Jordan threatened Sean to tell TJ the truth about what really happened to his father. TJ is indeed having a tough week considering he lashed out at both Sean and Jordan, so where is the kid supposed to go at this point.


There is much more to this story than meets the eye, as Anna didn’t fully buy the story she was being sold. Fake Luke murdered his henchman to cover his tracks and later pulled a gun on Ned (Wally Kurth). So with only 1 more week left in May sweeps, do you think “GH” scribes will finally reveal who Fake Luke truly is? What about Nina Clay (Michelle Stafford), the audience has received a glimpse of Silas’ not so dead wife, but when will she actually show up in Port Charles to send shockwaves?  


There is still plenty of time so keep your fingers crossed. “General Hospital” airs weekdays at 2 p.m. on ABC.