HOLLYWOOD—We’re at our final six in the latest season of “Survivor” people. That means this is likely the penultimate episode before the season finale which will air next week. This week’s episode, ‘Caterpillar to a Butterfly’ witnessed everyone plotting people. Lindsay was ecstatic that she survived Tribal Council and Omar had his game blown to a certain degree thanks to Drea. Lindsay has an idol to use and she will absolutely NOT be going home this week people.

Omar was a bit sketch, as Mike wanted his idol back and utilized that as leverage to build his bond as he aimed to sever ties between Mike and Jonathan. Mike was playing as he spoke to Maryanne about making a move to take out Omar realizing he is a threat in the endgame. Maryanne spilled to Mike that she has an extra vote. Not smart Maryanne, even though certain people know you have that vote, at least you didn’t spill you have an idol because I honestly think you will need it.

Maryanne shared with Omar, Lindsay and Romeo that Mike is paranoid, while Lindsay made it clear she needs Jonathan out of the game to have a fighting chance. Jonathan already picked up that Omar and Lindsay are working closely and that he no longer trusts either of them. Yeah, it looks like Taku is fractured completely people. So we get an actual reward challenge, let’s hope no advantage comes with the victor because we do NOT need to see another Tribal Council like ‘Gamechangers’ that saw a power player taken out simply because she was the only person who could be voted for.

Omar won the reward, with Maryanne in second the question is who will he choose to celebrate with because it is going to say a lot people. Savory or sweet, that is the choice that Omar has to decide. He picked chocolate cake and cookies, and got to pick 3 people: Romeo, Maryanne and Mike. So she let Lindsay and Jonathan to stay back at camp. Was this strategy for Omar? Lindsay spoke too much and shared with Mike she has an idol, so he shared that information with Jonathan and Maryanne. There is a ton of strategy going on here people. Mike is playing people, he really is. The one hiccup is that NO ONE knows that Maryanne has an idol. It is good she has not shared those details.

Maryanne was stunned to learn that Lindsay had an immunity idol, and realized she has to step up her game big time people to have a threat at victory. So we have our Immunity Challenge and something tells me it’s going to be Jonathan who is going to pick up the victory people; don’t ask me why it’s just a gut feeling I have. This challenge is interesting as Lindsay, Omar, Mike and Jonathan were all battling for the victory people. Again it was a battle between Lindsay and Jonathan people, but it was Lindsay who claimed the victory.

Lindsay wants Jonathan out, and she has an idol, she doesn’t need to play if for herself because she can play it for Omar who becomes safe people. Let the chaos begin America! Jonathan, Omar, Mike who is about to be taken out people? That is the loaded question of the day. Lying is taking place on all fronts, and Lindsay’s idea is the smartest. You take out the biggest threat people, it is so obvious. Lindsay is stupid for not playing her idol because she fears it will come back into play for the final five. You could always find the idol Lindsay.

Maryanne wants to take out Omar, and she plans to utilize her extra vote to get Omar out, but she needed Mike, but it became clear that Mike was NOT willing to vote out Omar, he preferred to go after Romeo who is a virtual goat. So with Mike out, she went to Romeo to make the move to take out Omar. Maryanne was going to work to convince Jonathan and Mike to make the move to take out Omar, but both were afraid Lindsay would play her idol on Omar.

Tribal Council gets underway and it’s raining people, so things are looking like it will indeed be intense tonight another blindside could be underway and it could be an epic one people. Trust and lying, those were the two big words of the night, and Maryanne talked about the Shot in the Dark that could be played also. Ugh, I keep forgetting about that and considering it has NOT been played correct all season, if not tonight it may be time to retire it people, it’s a bust. I cannot believe Lindsay did NOT play that idol for Omar. Omar was so giddy people and out of nowhere he is about to be blindsided and the jury was ecstatic to see it. He realized it was Maryanne who made the move and gave her kudos for it. Lindsay was speechless. Yup, you just got played Omar and Lindsay and it was an impressive move for Maryanne’s resume.

Well the audience knows Maryanne and Mike are safe at the final five TC. Next week marks the season finale where a winner of season 42 will be crowned which means it is still anyone’s game and after an epic TC, I cannot wait to see who will be crowned victorious. Until next week “Survivor 42” fanatics!