HOLLYWOOD—I must admit last week was the first satisfying episode of “Survivor 43” in a very long time. I was almost checked out on the season, because quite frankly, it was boring and becoming stale. However, after an unexpected blindside and a predictable vote-off I have been drawn back in because we’re at the final eight, there’s only maybe 2-3 more episodes before the season culminates. This week’s episode, ‘Get That Money, Baby’ had me hoping to FINALLY see some idols played with the endgame in sight. Karla made it seem like the audience was unaware of what was happening, but we all knew, so we didn’t need a reiteration. Karla was happy to see Cassidy still around, so that means she has a loyal number.

Jesse is aware of where all the advantages are and spoke to Noelle about Sami playing the game quite strong. You really don’t have Gabler, Jesse, so you need to be careful with who you share information it could be your end in the game if not careful. So here we are with reward challenges people. I swear if this yields some sort of advantage in the game I will be pissed because that is too many advantages in the game people. This reward allows good sleep and plenty of food.

It was difficult watching Noelle struggle to cross the beam, but she was not giving up, as everyone continued to try to land that sandbag on the top, and she managed to make it thru and in an epic comeback, she managed to win the challenge against all odds. Not sure why Noelle selected Sami if she was just talking about his game, but maybe she is looking to build bonds. She selected Owen and Jesse to join. That means those four can bond, while Cody, Karla, Cassidy and Gabler can strategize people.

Seeing Jesse’s emotional side after reading his letter from his wife and kids was so inspiring. He is a root-able winner in my eyes because he is such a versatile player people. Sami pushed his goal to get Cassidy out and Noelle realized he’s a flipper. Owen wanted to do a 3-3 split on Cassidy and Karla in case one has an idol. Back at camp, Cody and Karla started strategy chatted about Sami being skeptical, just as Cassidy noted she has no bond with Noelle, while Gabler just sat there quiet. Cassidy chatted with Cody to find out how he could benefit her game.

Gabler was being sketchy per usual, wanting to wait to see who wins Immunity before he decides what he wants to do. Yeah, that is a player I would take out sooner than later. This Immunity Challenge was about balance and building a house of cards tall enough to reach the finish line. Yeah, this is NOT going to be easy people. Yeah, the editing is showing us that this is a challenge that took a while to complete, even though Jeff seemed to point out only 15 minutes elapsed. Cassidy was near the top, but things fell through, same for Owen and for Karla. I will be honest, this challenge would frustrate the hell out of me.

It became a race between Cassidy, Sami and Noelle, but it was Cassidy after so much persistence that earned her the victory and I could NOT be happier because she was a target and she just blew up some plans people. Wow, am I rooting for Cassidy to win the game? Yeah, I am! Noelle realized new plans had to be made to prevent Karla from cooking something else up. Gabler spilled to Noelle she’s in trouble, so Noelle was starting to realize she wanted to take out Karla.

Jesse and Cody realized that Noelle is a power player, and he needs to make moves to push him into the driver seat to win the game. Jesse started to make moves and did her best to soothe Noelle’s needs, and tossed Sami under the bus. Karla was clued in on the vote and realized she is in trouble and realized that Gabler could be a thorn in the game. Jesse informed Gabler of the move, but he started to question if the move was smart or not. However, Jesse, all cannot be as easy as you think, so Gabler tossed the notion to Karla about making a massive move to take out Jesse or Cody, this could be huge people.

Could the Tribal Council on Day 19 lead to another blindside people? Jeff kicked off the discussion putting a target on Noelle by pointing out her heroic win during the Reward Challenge. Gabler hinted at some mischief possibly being at play, as questions about trust came in to the game. Gabler is hinting at things that I think are raising potential flags and questions about an IDOL finally came into play in the game. Is it possible to see Jesse blindsided people, it felt possible, and if Karla and Gabler were smart they would do so. Still NO IDOLS played people and it was Noelle who was sent packing people, as predicted.

There are seven people still in the game and 3 idols still at play? I sense we only have 3 more episodes before the season concludes people. I seriously do not want to see everyone play idols at the same time during one TC, the rules have to change with idol play to stop this potential Idol-geddon from happening each season. Until next week “Survivor” fanatics!