HOLLYWOOD—We’re down to the final seven on “Survivor 43.” No idols have been played, each Tribal Council has been a bore to say the least and with the end in sight, should I even hope for fireworks? This week’s episode, ‘Hiding In Plain Sight’ witnessed Sami get caught red-handed. Dude, lying to someone’s face when they know the truth it is not the best move and if you’re going to tell a lie you have to be way more convincing, he was busted by Karla, Jesse and Cassidy and it looked bad as a player people.

Gabler had a conversation with Owen to make a move to get them to the end. Owen, the big baby cried about being left out of the vote yet again. That means Owen you have bad social connections with others and you need to talk more to those people who you think you can trust that you absolutely CANNOT trust. Sami realized he was on the bottom and reading his letter gave him a bit of a confidence boost that he needed to continuing fighting in the game.

Sami decided to lie to Karla and let her know that Cassidy of all people wanted her out. Oh, c’mon Karla cannot be buying this lie. It’s a terrible lie, and we got a flashback where Karla revealed to Cassidy that she has an idol. It’s dangerous when you spill information. I could NOT believe Karla was buying this lie that Sami was selling; it was a terrible lie that makes absolutely no sense, you know Sami’s back is against the wall he’s going to lie about everything to survive people.

Chaos erupted for the Gaia tribe when tree mail revealed an advantage was hidden and everyone was scrambling to find it. The advantage was in plain sight for Sami and with the edit he has gotten so far this episode, I would NOT be surprised if he found it people, but it was right within reach of Cassidy, if she had just turned her HEAD she would be have it people. Owen, Sami and Gabler were within reach, but FINALLY Cody catches the advantage while talking to Gabler and keeps his mouth shut, as he took advantage of the advantage.

I did want Cassidy to locate it, but Cody nabbing it was great to. This advantage was different, where you bet on a player to win the challenge, and if you make the right bet and that person wins you also gain immunity as well. So Cody was given a tip that the challenge would be ‘Last Gasp.’ He would need to pick who he thinks would win and he selected Owen. Hmm, interesting choice. This Immunity Challenge feels like a dangerous one, and Cody presented his advantage to Jeff to select one person to win the challenge, and the person he bet on will also be safe. Oh, I love this twist, it would NOT be revealed until after the votes have been cast at Tribal Council. Oh, that totally ramps up the strategy in the game people. Now this is a twist I can totally get behind people.

Gabler was the first out, followed by Sami, then Jesse. There is no way in the world I would be able to do such a challenge; the panic alone would break me. Our final four was Karla, Owen, Cody and Cassidy. Wow, they’ve been doing this for 1 hour. This feels like it has only been a few minutes. Cody let go, but managed to keep fighting, but ultimately tapped out. Owen, Karla and Cassidy are still fighting to survive, nearly 2 hours people! Darn, Cassidy was forced to tap out, leaving Karla and Owen going toe-to-toe.

However, Owen and Karla were looking to break a record at 3 hours, so much to the point the tide was dropping, and both Karla and Owen won IMMUNITY! Ok, this changes everything. Because we have 3 people who will be safe at the upcoming Tribal Council, Karla, Owen and Cody, meaning only Jesse, Cassidy, Sami and Gabler can be voted out and Jesse has an idol, Karla has an idol and Cody has an idol people. I totally forgot about the Shot in the Dark because it has never become relevant in the game people.

Cassidy was a bit nervous and Owen comforted her a bit, and it became apparent that Sami could be a threat in the game. Karla was seriously considering taking out Cassidy, which is the dumbest move ever people? Cassidy really, but at least Jesse was thinking bigger and realized that it was too easy and she was bonding with Sami.

Jesse was playing a smart move by causing a war between Karla and Cassidy, but Owen was NOT 100 percent sold on if he could trust Jesse. Cody was looped in on Jesse’s plan, but Cody really wanted Cassidy out. So Tribal Council is underway, will we get fireworks or another dud people. C’mon already: where is the drama? We’re at the final 7 and no idols have been played! If anything we might be looking at everyone playing their idol at 6 or 5 which sucks! Sami left people rattled noting I’m going to play my Shot in the Dark. Questions about trust rose in the game where Karla was concerned about Sami, Noelle seemed to champion Sami’s move rather he’s being honest or not, is another question.

So it was revealed Cody bet on Owen so he was also safe, then Sami did play his shot in the dark people and he was NOT SAFE. Sami found himself out of the game people, and it looks like a lot of people on the jury were rooting for him. So we have our final six: Karla, Cody, Jesse, Gabler, Owen and Cassidy. If I were to root for a winner right now, Jesse is my top pick followed by Cassidy and Cody. Maybe at 6 chaos will finally explode, until then “Survivor” fanatics!