HOLLYWOOD—The aftermath of the big move made by the Vesi tribe had repercussions in this week’s episode of “Survivor 43.” Cody was happy with the move made and his new idol, and Jesse was worried about Dwight harboring a bit of anger against him, in the episode, ‘I’ll Sign the Divorce Papers.’ Jesse should understand this game will flip in a heartbeat.

Dwight and Noelle realized they are on the bottom and they have to readjust their games to regain the power. I really respect Noelle’s courage and fight in this game. Back at Baka, there was plenty of talk about Gabler who Jeanine and Elie considered a power move. Sami realized that Elie and Jeanine were power players, and she is misreading the situation. Sami confirmed some details with Gabler regarding his idol. Gabler became aware that Elie cannot be trusted and tea about his bag being snooped in.

Owen almost feels irrelevant to me because he’s not playing as hard as one would expect him to. Elie threw out the idea of creating a fake idol under the guise that she has the edge on her frenemy. Oh, Elie or Jeanine being blindsided would be epic TV people. Back at Coco, it was all about celebrating James birthday. This tribe is way too happy for my liking people. James why would you admit about going to search for an idol? Dude just do it, and it became aware that everyone was thinking about an idol.

Karla decided with everyone being busy she started to go idol hunting, and there was an obvious clue right in front of her, but not the one she thought because it was the Beware Advantage. These survivors are so stupid about the risk of losing a vote, however, she choose to put the advantage back. Whoa, never saw that happening. After a chat with James, Karla took the risk with the Beware Advantage and had an idol, but had to perform a similar task as Cody with those beads. Her tactic was way smoother and more effective people. Karla is dangerous and people need to watch out for her.

The Immunity Challenge was one involving swimming, buoys and a puzzle people, and Noelle proved to be a force people even with just one leg. Talk about perseverance people. For the first time this is a challenge, where it looks like anyone could be victorious people. Well Baka was victorious first, and Vesi was feeling the pressure as Coco was catching up. Vesi seriously, if ya’ll lose this challenge after having a lead because of a puzzle it is time to send Nneka home because she’s a liability people. Yup, Coco claimed the second victory, and I’m sorry, but it’s time to send Nneka out. However, Baka got the opportunity to send Noelle and James and Owen on a journey where the vote risk game is at play again people.

Nneke has to know that she is not suited for the game, she is weak people and she pushed to Dwight taking out Noelle as the best move. Even Jesse and Cody realize that Nneka is not strong. Yeah the writing is on the wall people, there is no way that Nneka isn’t going home in this week’s episode. Noelle promised to align with Owen and James if they throw her a bone she’ll throw them a bone. Wow, James and Owen offering Noelle that advantage was great to see and I will admit I want to see that trio working together at the merge.

Ok people this I’m hoping is a fun Tribal Council that delivers some fireworks because I will admit the first 2 episodes were fun, but I want to see fireworks and drama and a possible blindside people. Nneka and Jesse were in the hot seat about their poor performance. I really want to know what advantage that Noelle got, and the question of tribe STRONG or strong ALLIES. Jesse posed the question that Noelle could have gotten an advantage. Everyone was so confident in how the vote was going to turn out people. Hmm, Noelle was mysterious with her admission about how things could turn out in this vote.

As I expected, Nneke was sent packing and she should have been as she is a weak player in the game people. Still want to know what advantage Noelle earned people, and it’s a steal a vote, I like the idea of a steal a vote versus compared to an extra vote because it cancels a vote out of the game.  I feel like a surprise in the game is coming people that will shake things up and the opportunity to steal from another tribe. Hmm, how will this play out will be fun people. Until next week “Survivor” fanatics!