HOLLYWOOD—Talk about a frustrating episode of “Survivor.” I was excited for this week’s episode, ‘Hide ‘N Seek’ when it kicked off, but by the time the episode ended I was beyond annoyed. It just annoyed the absolute hell out of me. The tribe returned to camp with everyone from the first Tribal Council wanting to know what unfolded that led to Soda being booted from the game.

I’m sorry, but Ben is an irrelevant character. He brings nothing and does nothing for me. He is just there, and as a casting choice, I’m thinking, “What did the producers of the show see in this guy?” He is not entertaining TV, which frustrated Q because he wanted to see people play the game and he ushered in Charlie as a new member of the six, which Charlie was not fond of.

Charlie is reminding me of Spencer, but Spencer was fun to watch on TV and was strategically savvier.  Charlie is an annoying know-it-all. Venus was taking credit for a move that was actually Tevin, who was telling Liz he made the move, and she was annoyed. Yes, Nami is just eating itself alive; these guys do not like each other at all.

Q is a character and we got a lot and I mean a lot of him this episode, and by the end it was not fun at all. He wanted to play hide ‘n seek as a test of who he could trust and not trust. At the end of it all he set his sights on Hunter and Ben; I mean the amount of targets Q had this episode was just unrelenting. The Tevin, Venus and Liz situation got more frustrating as the episode continued with Liz thinking ‘she’ made the move to get out Soda. What these bozos don’t understand is that they’re eating their own numbers and they were in the majority.

Liz is the same woman who said the million dollar prize didn’t matter to her, so why the hell are you actually here? Some of the casting choices this season is making me think, “Survivor” it is time for us to see some returnees, because what you guys are giving is not delivering. Tiffany was smart in her discussion with Q about Venus not being a threat, but more of an annoyance. She wanted to target Ben or Maria (right choice), but Q say no way as Maria was in the six; the same woman who didn’t seem smitten to be in the six. What does that say?

Um, get her out. So, Tiffany becomes a name that all is chatting about taking a shot at, and then Q told Maria that Tiff had an idol. This is what I HATE, when people chat about having an idol. Keep that information to yourself so that when it’s used it leaves all stunned. Do what Hunter is doing. Keeping his lips sealed so when he needs to play that idol no one will see it coming. The edit of the episode was totally making me think that Q was about to see his eviction.

The immunity challenge was the classic pole, hold on to your life. Jeff wanted to barter with rice yet again, but this time around no one was willing to sit out for food and all competed. Q was livid about the decision, and this guy is annoying my blood. When it was all said and done it was Hunter and Charlie battling for safety, but Hunter edged out the win and may have showed off a bit too much, placing a bigger target on his back.

Back at camp, Liz decided it was FINALLY time to start playing the game and wanted to target Tevin, now we all know Venus is going to try to claim this move, but this was Liz’s doing as she informed Maria, Ben, Charlie and Venus about her thoughts. I can see those five becoming tight and trying to take out Hunter, Q, Kenzie and Tiffany, as the season nears the end. I want to see that battle because Hunter and Tiff have idols, which most know about Tiffany’s, but no one is aware of what Hunter is hiding, which I think will deliver our first big blindside of the season. Jem was blindsided, but it didn’t wow me.

So, the big battle at camp was Tevin vs Tiffany, and when Q heard about Tevin, he was not happy. Hunter started to chat and Venus being Venus annoyed a few people. I was giddy about this Tribal Council as it started, but when Q pushed wanting to be voted out I threw my hands up. I was livid, I am sick of players coming on this series only to quit. If you don’t think you can do it, then don’t come on. It  annoyed the hell out of me. Was it strategy? I don’t know and I truly don’t think so, so Q caused a mess at TC, where the whispering and all that chaotic crap that is not fun to watch as we cannot hear it all just stifled the episode.

Tiff learned that Q spilled her idol and for a slight second I thought everyone was voting Q out, but that would be too easy, and it was Tevin who was blindsided despite Venus getting two votes. As it appears, Venus is definitely not winning this game, she is getting the dodo edit in my opinion.

So next week it’s three vs three vs three and as I noted earlier, I can see Maria, Charlie, Venus, Ben and Liz as a five against Tiff, Q, Kenzie and Hunter, with Q being on the outs. So, I have an idea who might be going home next if they don’t win immunity and I don’t want predictability in my “Survivor” until next Wednesday.